A fair view of the Koch brothers, and explaining bitcoin

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:( Bitcoin Libertarians Wont Get Any More Koch Brother Shill Money
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TIL: without gov't regulation, Koch brothers could (=will) start up private, radical, right-wing militia to shoot up schools and overthrow gov't, funded by bitcoin and supplied with 3D printed guns. Source, Salon.

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Bitcoin mentioned around Reddit: "The Koch Brothers need to die off as well as many others from the Baby Boomer generation. They continue to try to fuck up our world." [+11] r/environment /r/ShitPoliticsSays

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Bitcoins, think tanks and the Koch brothers

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Dave Rubin deletes Patreon account, starts accepting bitcoin as donation option

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Conservative Dark Money -- How much of it is cryptocurrency?

I was reading an article today about the Net Neutrality fight. The author of the article is doing a "follow the money" routine in order to connect certain actors with anti-net neutrality sentiment. The article can be found here:
In the process of talking about some of the money to fund protests and likes, the author makes mention of a term I was un-aware of. The term was Conservative Dark Money, and they were gracious enough to provide link to give some insight as to what they mean.
Here politico lists out the usual actors like Koch, and Charles. Nothing too surprising, or necessarily tied to cryptocurrency. in fact one of the Koch brothers is on record warning against the Bitcoin bubble, and he is no doubt an anti-net neutrality lobbyist.
There is however a segment of cryptocurrency supporters who absolutely support a less free and neutral internet(at least as defined by proponents of Net Neutrality). An internet where content is more or less paid for by the view. This is essentially the underpinnings of Steem, and its related projects like DTube. Furthermore projects like IOTA look to have some pay system underlying the IOT connected devices. Net Neutrality seems as if its at odds with a lot of these different cryptocurrency systems, and would be something that some cryptocurrency supporters would likely not want. The law may actually hinder them from achieving their goals as its defined. Where the cryptocurrency would want it setup to where access to the fundamental resources on the internet didn't work without paying some sort of fee.
Since the author of the original article was following the money towards the usual suspects, It kind of made me curious as to how much money was coming from the suspects that are "not so usual". I was wondering if anyone had any good sources pointing out that the Net Neutrality is absolutely something that some major cryptocurrencies and their backers are against? Just how much of that "conservative dark money" came from these guys if any at all?
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Several Executives at My Employer, a Large Regional Banking Corporation, Received These Today (Registration Forms for Cato Institute Monetary Conference Featuring Bitcoin)

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"The Silicon Ideology" Fundamentally fails to understand neoreaction (and basic chronology)

Posted on a throwaway due to the Author's insistence on using Doxxing against their political opponents
May Rule 1a defend me, for I myself hold positions that BadPolitics loves to shit on (No, that position isn't being pro-Neoreaction, for I am firmly anti-Neoreaction)
People of all ideological identities are welcome to post here. Ideologies may be based on wrong facts, but for the purposes of this subreddit, no ideology is wrong by itself. We are here to mock wrong facts, not wrong opinions. As such, posts mocking people for their ideology or political beliefs will be removed.
The Silicon Ideology is an article in Journal format from an unknown author (they used a pseudonym). It is being trumped up as the go-to guide on the emerging political phenomena of Neoreaction. Unfortunately, it suffers from a very severe case of "All my political opponents are the same thing", as Marxist polemics against non-Marxist political theories often do. It's better than a lot of other attempts to analyse Neoreaction because it has the occasional correct observation, but not by much.
I shall skip to part 4 because I don't see much worth in criticizing Neo-Marxist understanding of Fascism separately.
Neo-reaction is a 21st century variant of fascism: a new ideology that values stability, order, efficiency and "good governance" above all, or claims to.
For reasons that will be covered later, it will become clear that trying to lump Neo-reaction in with Fascism doesn't work.
Comprehensive list of the backbone of neo-reactionary values part 1, transhumanism
I wouldn't say it's a backbone, but sure, that's ok.
part 2, form of government
Mostly correct. Eric Schmidt, Elon Musk or Peter Thiel are often given as an example of what a ruler should look like. Given the lack of any political organization beyond blogging, any proposal to actually make one of these a leader isn't serious. I cannot find any indication on the claim that Neo-reactionaries hope to become the aristocrats themselves.
part 3, the Cathedral
I would have listed this first. Doesn't go into enough detail to criticise anything here.
part 4, Nationalism
Misunderstands that Nationalism has to do with Nationality and not Continent of Birth. Misunderstands the conception of why Neoreaction considers (Insert group here) better. See Moldbug's comment on "IQism" here to see the lineage of Neoreaction's apparent preference for certain ethnicities. Like typical racists, Neoreactionaries believe that certain races are more intelligent than others. Unlike typical racists, Neoreactionaries do not believe that intelligence should determine how successful people are. Indeed, Moldbug even argues that our societies have simply replaced overt racism with a subtler racism via discrimination towards the less intelligent (which just so happens to correlate strongly with race according to moldbug). It is from this that Neoreaction's bizarre appearance of East Asian "nationalism" appears. Some Neoreactionaries, despite being of European descent, believe that East Asians are more intelligent.
It may look the same on a cursory glance, but this distinction is, in fact, one of the defining features of Neoreaction, so for the Author to get this wrong is a massive error. Note that I am not saying Neoreaction isn't racist, it's just a different kind of racist.
Part 5, economics
The authors lumping together of the disparate, unrelated Austrian and Chicago economics proves that they understand neither. Austrian and Chicago economics occasionally advocate the same policy (free trade). They disagree on far more. Most importantly, Austrian economists oppose Fiat Money while Chicago economists place extensive focus on governments issuing fiat currency and see it as perhaps the most valuable tool the government has available to it for management of the economy. They are not linked by methodology. Nor are they linked by History: Chicago Economics is a descendant of Keynesian economics.
Once again, a standard case of a Marxist analysis treating all non-Marxists as identical.
Part 6, extreme misogyny
Varies by specific author. To give one example, I see nothing from Moldbug that endorses rape. What little he says on the subject is actually via quotation criticizing liberalism as endorsing rape during wartime. Given this variation, I find it hard to place misogyny to the extent the author describes here as a backbone of Neoreaction. It may well be very strongly present, but "backbone" implies that Neoreaction would cease to be Neoreaction if you removed it.
Part 7, Warhammer 40,000
A bunch of video-game related in-jokes do not a backbone of an ideology make.
Part 8, an obsession with Cuckoldry
Trump Supporters are not Neoreactionaries, but I'll get to that later.
the "academic pole, exemplified in LessWrong
LessWrong is not an academic pole of Neoreaction so much as one of the rare places that will occasionally vaguely tolerate their presence, and hence were the first to critique their ideas. Surveys conducted internally by the community in 2014 put the presence of Neoreactionaries at a mere 1.9%.
and the blogs of the main theorists of the movement
Correct, though I wouldn't call it a movement due to the total lack of political campaigning or advocacy.
And the alt-right pole
Time to win me some downvotes.
Alt-right is a term that has, within a handful of months, been abused and twisted into utter uselessness in an attempt to describe and/or insult Trump. Alt-right is a catch-all term for any non-mainstream Conservatism in the US, typically that which avoids associating with the Republican Party. To describe alt-right as a subset of Neoreaction is grossly incorrect. The truth is that Neoreaction can be seen as a subset of alt-right but the term alt-right in itself is US-Centric and really shouldn't be used to classify political ideologies themselves because it refers generally to non-Republican Conservatism in the US.
To really hammer the point home, the term "Alt Right" predates Neoreaction significantly so unless you're suggesting Moldbug is a mysterious magical time travelling fascist, Alt-Right cannot be a branch of Neoreaction.
neo-reactionary ideas are quite common in Silicon Valley
Without data here it's hard to say what the author means by quite common.
Transhumanism I define to be a collection of movements aimed at improving and enhancing humanity through technological means. Almost immediately, we see a precursor, and one which influenced the previous reactionary ideology of 20th century fascism: eugenics.
This is the most damnable lie in the entire piece.
Eugenics is an ideology that originated in the 19th century, not the 20th. At the latest, Sir Francis Galton coined the term "Eugenics" and described it in 1883, although almost certainly one could find proto-eugenicists prior to 1883.
Hence we come to another case of mysterious magical time travelling fascists. Fascism as an ideology didn't exist in 1883. Even proto-fascism isn't present at such an early date. No, the early adopters of Eugenics weren't Fascists. It was Socialists in the UK. Figures such as Sidney Webb and Beatrice Webb, who founded the Fabian Society, were notable campaigners for Eugenics. This is well documented.
Side note: at this point I've matched the number of citations in the original source.
But let us not tar all transhumanism with eugenics, though it must carry it's historical burden
It's not Transhumanists that need to carry it's burden. They weren't responsible for it's crimes. Those would be actual fascists and Fabians.
though the more homophobic and transphobic element are looking for biological bases for gay-ness and trans-ness to include them here.
I'm sure those scientists researching the mechanisms behind Transgenderism and Homosexuality will be pleased to hear these crass, derogatory comments from the author.
The errors in the section on Transhumanism are even more numerous than presented here, but as it's not the central topic of this article i'm going to move on.
The Historical Origins of Neoreaction
The proportion of Neoreactionaries in Gamergate is minuscule as to be non-existent. Indeed, there's not even enough Neoreactionaries to make up a significant part of Gamergate even if they were all involved in Gamergate.
Thankfully, the author averts accusing Gamergate of time travel here.
Raymond piggybacked off of Stallman's concept of free software to create a version more appealing for corporations: open source.
Unsupported motive assumption.
for here can be seen the origin of the neo-reactionary term "Cathedral" - it is in the title of Raymond's essay "The Cathedral and the Bazaar", though the meaning was somewhat different, referring in Raymond's essay to a centralized model of software development.
"Somewhat Different" is the understatement of a lifetime. Those meanings aren't related at all. It looks like the Author here just searched for someone using the term "Cathedral" in the 90s and chucked in the first mention of it as the source of the term.
The source of the term "Cathedral" is actually made vaguely clear by Moldbug.. It's just a term used to describe the dominant dispenser of information. The original term for the Cathedral is likely Moldbug's Ultracalvinist hypothesis, so to follow that up a year later with a Church metaphor is unsurprising, and is almost certainly a Moldbug original.
The Bell Curve
Controversial? Yes. Flawed? Of course. But to blanket it as a "psuedo-scientific work" is to overstate the criticism here. It's heavily disputed, and to simply paint over that dispute with a "It's wrong" is inaccurate, especially without citation
Evolutionary Psychology
Again, the author slanders a field of research they seem to not know anything about. The author should at least cite something here instead of taking "It's wrong" as a given.
The Economist is Libertarian
No. The Economist is Classical Liberal.
See this comment by PepeLinux. They have classical liberalism as their foundation but refer to themselves as "radical centrists" or "true progressives"
I can speak to this firsthand, as I know many people who do this
Care to cite any? No. Ok.
Dark age of comic books is a source of neo-reaction
This is so stupid as to be barely worth my effort.
The God Emperor of Mankind
Is a meme from a kitschy British Tabletop Wargame community. The Imperium of Man is very consistently shown as an inept, poorly managed chaotic mess of a government that can't even figure out what planets it still owns, hardly a model Neoreactionary system.
Wolfenstein 3D, Doom, Quake and Half-Life
Anyone still taking this work seriously at this point should reconsider their presence on this subreddit. This is "Heavy Metal is actually Satanic" Tier moral panic.
South Park Republican is a precursor to Alt Right.
Guess we are going to have to go further back historically than google trends. This should do. Came to prominence by 1992. South Park began in 1997.
Those damn mysterious magical time travelling fascist south park viewers. Going back in time to 1992 and inventing the Alt-Right.
Orion's Arm is NRx-er's Future Visions
Here the author completely mixes up Rationalists (Eliezer Yudkowsky onwards) and Neoreaction (which makes up a mere 2% of people present in the Rationalist community).
Irrelevant comparison of Pinochet and Patriot Act based on them sharing a date on a calender
Is totally irrelevant.
Bad Philosophy on Positivism, Karl Popper etc
You'd be better visiting /badphilosophy on this one
New Atheists were invented to justify Islamophobia
Anyone with even a cursory understanding of the background of New Atheism would know that their primary target has long been Evangelical Protestantism.
The science wars of the late 90s and Alan Sokal.
Someone's bitter at catastrophically losing the science wars.
Bitcoin and Austrian Economics
True hardcore Austrian Economists would be unfavourable towards bitcoin as it's still a fiat currency. However, I understand (as, hopefully, so does the author) why certain people who gravitate at the fringes of Austrian Economics but don't study it in-depth might like Bitcoin.
Author drops what they're doing to insult Libertarians as not respectable
If this is indeed the quality of work by those who backed the anti-Sokal side of the Science Wars, then no wonder they lost catastrophically.
Author drops what they're doing to insult Ludwig von Mises
sigh... get on with the fucking point.
Chicago School is tied too closely with the crisis.
The dominant Economic school in 2007, and today, is "New Keynesian". Again, demonstrating that the Author here doesn't actually know what they are talking about regarding economics and is just using "Austrian" and "Chicago" as snarl words for "Bad thing".
Author drops what they're doing to shoehorn in the Koch Brothers somewhere
Get on with the fucking point.
Sudden jump to Curtis Yarvin mid-paragraph on LessWrong
Needless to say, this betrays how weak the link between these subjects is.
though he [Mencius Moldbug] did not call himself, initially, "neo-reactionary": he preferred to call himself a "Formalist" or a "Neocameralist" (after his hero, Frederick the Great).
Correct, but this isn't exactly worthy of congratulations.
Later in the speech, Srinivasan went through the whole gamut of neo-reactionary ideas: Bitcoin, corporate city-states, 3d-printed firearms, anti-democratic transhumanism.
All of these ideas predate Neo-Reaction. Nor are these ideas limited to Neo-reaction. I These fucking mysterious magical time travelling fascists.
Neo-reaction grew immensely outside of it's Bay Area base in the wake of the financial crisis
We have no data on the number of supporters of Neo-reaction. However, we do have some data on how much people were searching for it online. The conclusion is...
Neoreaction didn't even show up on the radar until 2013, and immense growth in interest in the movement only occurred once inept journalists started scrambling around for an explanation of Trump's rise to prominence.
Right-wing media blamed teachers and immigrants [for the financial crisis]
No. It did not blame teachers for the financial crisis.
Liberal Claptrap Nonsense
Again betraying the distinctly unprofessional, unacademic nature of this work.
Lets wave around our hate boner for the IMF
Great, but can you get on with the fucking point again?
Origins of 4chan
The author probably should have mentioned that 4chan was effectively a split from SomethingAwful, something which I feel is essential for any description of 4chan's early history.
surrounding racism, misogyny, homophobia, and transphobia was the centrepiece of the culture.
Go tell that they're homophobic. They will have a laugh.
and so the userbase quickly became limited to young white cis straight men
Go tell that they're cis straight men. They will have a laugh.
Stormfront took over 4chan.
This is indeed vaguely correct, but it underestimates just how underhanded this takeover was. It was not a natural migration. Stormfront had long made deliberate effort to infiltrate various communities (including 4chan) with it's ideas. The most obvious calling card for a Stormfront attempt to infiltrate something is the phrase "Anti-Racist is code for Anti-White".
Harassment tactics originated on USENET
Actually, these Harassment tactics originated on SomethingAwful, which is how 4chan ended up inheriting them.
women, people of colour, and LGBT people always had played games.
Indeed, this shouldn't even need to be stated. A good example of a prominent early LGBT developer would be Danielle Bunten Berry.
Gamergaters are annoyed at games not about war or technology
No. This is not the kind of game that Gamergaters got annoyed about. If they did get annoyed about any specific kind of game, it was Advocacy Games and the genre known as "Interactive Narrative Experiences" or something to that effect, or more colloquially called "Walking simulators".
Called for serious critique and then called against serious critique
Critique of Critique is legitimate Critique.
Precedents of Gamergate
They missed out Doritosgate.
Fish disappeared from the internet.
The disappearance of Phil Fish is a bit more complicated than "Gamergate did it" and it mostly happened in 2013 after telling someone to kill themselves. Them mysterious magical time travelling fascist gamergaters!
Indeed this entire section appears to be severely out of chronological order but I'm just going to move on because i've already covered how almost entirely irrelevant Gamergate is to NRx.
LGBT people in gamergate don't exist and are all sockpuppets.
You're currently reading a text written by a bisexual individual who is vaguely, slightly pro-gamergate. This author is alleging that I don't exist. Talk about bisexual erasure.
Soon, the neo-reactionaries noticed, and affiliated themselves with GamerGate:...
Here we get a list of individuals that the Author believes are Neoreactionaries.
Vox Day indeed appears to be a neo-reactionary, although this is seemingly only a recent occurrence.
antinrx: Finding sources so lazy authors don't have to.
Roosh V really doesn't think highly of Neoreaction, calling it "a dumping ground for high IQ guys who don't get laid"
Davis Aurini is indeed a Neoreactionary.
I can't even find anything by Thunderfoot on Neoreaction. It looks like claims he's a Neoreactionary are just regurgitated from attack articles on him.
Sargon of Akkad has engaged with Neoreactionaries, and wasn't favorable to them at all. Indeed, Neoreactionary sources have criticized Sargon of Akkad's criticism of Neoreaction. Sargon of Akkad's criticism is really weak, but it's clear enough that he's not Neoreactionary, even if he can't quite figure out why.
Janet Bloomfield again only has attack articles claiming she's a neoreactionary, she has not stated anything on it herself.
Karen Straughan criticizes Feminism from a Libertarian Perspective, and I find no good indication that she's a neoreactionary.
Mike Cernovich expresses distaste for neoreaction.
The closest thing to Milo on Neoreaction is his "sidekick" Allum Bokhari trying to describe Neoreaction to Breitbart readers.
This isn't an exhaustive search by any means, but this isn't my job to demonstrate. Citations, where are they?
They began to pressure advertisers and Wikipedia, among others, and attempted to hijack the Hugo Awards through the Sad/Rabid Puppies campaign
Sad puppies doesn't come from Gamergate. This can be demonstrated simply by looking at the date of formation of the Sad Puppies voting campaign. It was formed in January 2013, while Gamergate begun in 2014. Those evil mysterious magical time travelling fascist goobergaters!
When his [moldbug's] past was brought up by concerned people of colour
Which incidentally gave Neoreaction the largest dose of adrenaline it has ever received and, unfortunately, staved off it's passage into obscurity and total irrelevance (instead of just being almost totally irrelevant).
"sometimes I think Mencius Moldbug is the greatest living political thinker".
Strangely, not too far out there. His ideas may be absolutely abominable, but who else in the 21st century can claim to have almost single-handedly founded a new political ideology: Not many. "Great" should be taken as "Influential", not "Good".
The alt right converted Tay into a Nazi.
Given the Black-box nature of Tay's programming and learning systems, it's not actually possible to verify any of this.
Schizoanalyst (or a Psychoanalyst)
Given the author's prior criticism of Psuedoscience, it seems comical to bring up Psychoanalysis here.
In order to contain the alt-right, we must stop this.
The first step to stopping the alt-right is good criticism of the alt-right. Same with Neo-reaction. Unfortunately, this isn't it.
Fascism can't be defeated by debate
Fascism was significantly removed from post-War Germany not because all the Nazis were dead, but because of the process of Denazification, which indeed used debate techniques such as emphisizing the moral responsibility that low-level Nazi supporters (such as your average voter) had for the crime. Stuff like this (warning corpses). Fascism wasn't defeated by rounding up everyone who ever supported Hitler and gunning them down (or beating the shit out of them). Indeed, to stoop to the level of political para-militarism to defeat fascism is to accept fascism itself, for political intimidation and "cleansing" of the opposition through para-militarism is essentially Fascism's defining feature.
Lets doxx all the Neoreactionaries.
There's that "Fight paramilitarism with paramilitarism" tactic I just mentioned. Oh dear. How predictable.
Repeated errors that aren't from a specific passage
Treating 4chan as a monolithic culture is idiocy. Postings on about cute girls doing cute girls has little to do with Neoreaction, to give the most obvious example.
Actually, that makes me curious as to what the Neoreactionary position on non-progressive-originating acceptance of Homosexuality (such as the Yuri Genre) is.
Also, as this very sub is on reddit, it should be quite obvious that reddit isn't monolithically Neoreactionary. Indeed, neoreaction presence on Reddit is almost entirely non-existent. Seriously, go look for their core subs. They are basically graveyards.
Mixing up Gamergaters, Trump Supporters, Alt-Right, Neoreactionaries, Libertarians, Transhumanists and Social Conservatives, Austrian Economists, Chicago School and Anarcho-Capitalists (unmentioned) occurs throughout. The author appears to be unable to conceive of any of their opponents actually holding different views from each-other and just throws them all into the same pot, wildly swinging from term to term with such wild abandon that by the end the terms are reduced to vague insults instead of useful definitions.
Neoreaction is shit. Bad criticism of Neoreaction only makes it stronger
Like Neoreactionary blogging itself, this article consists of a mix of largely gibberish, with only the occasional factoid managing to glitter through the incoherent gish gallop muck surrounding it. It can't even get basic chronology correct, making repeated errors where it states groups were created by groups that were founded later than their own founding.
The best counter to Neoreaction remains this article written by a member of the LessWrong Diasporia (yes, that same LessWrong that the author slandered as being Neoreactionary). By being willing to engage with them, they've already done your work of discrediting Neoreaction for you.
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Russo, but muh Max Keiser, but muh MK Ultra, but muh
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    3. In solidarity with reddit uprising, /badeconomics will not be the default sub in place of /economics. wumbotarian is Victoria and /praxacceptance has gone full Marxian. (59 pts, 101 comments)
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    1. Is a basic income badeconomics? No, not really. But there is a lot of badeconomics in the /basicincome FAQ (Part 1) (163 pts, 136 comments)
    2. "But companies still hire people because they have no choice but to. They need enough workers to meet the demands of the market and so they hire people. So if a layoff was to occur I'd occurred regardless of wage hike." (72 pts, 73 comments)
    3. "Piketty basically proved that r>g, which means capital tends to concentrate faster than the economy grows. This means our method of economics is destined to collapse." (58 pts, 25 comments)
    4. " The Chicago school seems to pretty much ignore money." (53 pts, 71 comments)
    5. [META] /badmathematics discusses Austrian economics (52 pts, 112 comments)
    6. Migrants respond to the market signal of high wages. They migrate, and some find jobs, and others do not. Those who do not find jobs end up on welfare rolls. Wages do not fall, and the market signal telling migrants to keep coming remains broadcasted to the world. (45 pts, 84 comments)
    7. I think I finally praxxed out why Austrians tend to be libertarians (43 pts, 36 comments)
    8. "The first paper [Diamond 1960] I have refuted, show me the damn data or go troll elsewhere.' (41 pts, 100 comments)
    9. "So again, I ask, what exactly would humans have a comparative advantage in?" (40 pts, 159 comments)
    10. The stock market has gone up ∴ we are in a bubble (38 pts, 118 comments)
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    5. The General Theory of Comments, Interest, and Stickies (42 pts, 25 comments)
    6. Apparently the simple act of being in New York now makes you too big to fail. (39 pts, 15 comments)
    7. Not Pictured: A credible model of macroeconomics (36 pts, 56 comments)
    8. Careful Sumner. Winter is coming. (35 pts, 71 comments)
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    10. DAE live in a formalized fantasy world? (28 pts, 112 comments)
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    1. User in /Politics unironically calls Integralds "Hitler" in a horrible thread about the Federal Reserve, Bitcoin, Anarcho-Marxism, and Basic Income. (202 pts, 17 comments)
    2. Kicked a girl out before sex after she started arguing that Keynesian/Hansen-Samuelson multipliers weren't real (104 pts, 68 comments)
    3. meconomist irl (85 pts, 79 comments)
    4. And the Lord Sanders sayeth unto /Politics: "There are only so many jobs we could extract from the jobs mines this year, and blessed is he who doesn't give them to immigrants." Amen. (53 pts, 91 comments)
    5. [Dank Meme] Wumbotarian's OPpR1ession (47 pts, 34 comments)
    6. How to replace the entire banking system with cryptocurrency in 3 years and what results it will bring (38 pts, 15 comments)
    7. "No European country benefits from Muslim immigration." Actually, Denmark's wages rose after an influx of Muslim refugees. "Ah yes, but no TRUE European country benefits." (38 pts, 86 comments)
    8. THIS JUST IN!! ECB Protester Josephine Witt has released a new statement regarding the excesses of the ECB (36 pts, 44 comments)
    9. Eastern Europeans are immigrating to the UK and are LITERALLY starting businesses! Call up the Jobs Patrol so we can start rationing NOW before the shelves go empty [go to 1:15] (36 pts, 31 comments)
    10. Today is Peter Schiff Day! Post all your dank Peter Schiff praxes to show solidarity. (35 pts, 54 comments)
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    3. "we have to accept the logic of 21st century capitalism is that it will constantly lower costs by adopting automation & a race to the bottom between the general working population & robots for less & less income is a road to nowhere." (42 pts, 122 comments)
    4. A superbly bad description of comparative advantage, complete failure to understand how currencies work, complete failure to understand a currency peg, absurd claim that China prints to buy up Treasuries and a complete misunderstand regarding how S/D works. (39 pts, 28 comments)
    5. High individual taxes encourage investment (39 pts, 59 comments)
    6. TPP quackery (37 pts, 50 comments)
    7. I bet about $3.50 this thread is going to be the worst econ thread of the year (36 pts, 149 comments)
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    9. 7 ways i made up a bunch of data about Switzerland (35 pts, 125 comments)
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    6. Annual hours worked (17 pts, 19 comments)
    7. PSA: /dsge is now open for business (16 pts, 15 comments)
  10. 439 pts, 12 submissions: u/potato1
    1. Humanity is 10 cows. The economy is a butcher and/or a dairyman, and the dairyman only wants 7 of them. Jobs are when you avoid getting butchered and get milked instead. (58 pts, 36 comments)
    2. "[T]ariffs... are the only thing that allow workers here to continue making $10 an hour vs $.10 an hour because we tax imports from countries where they pay employees $.10 an hour" (52 pts, 41 comments)
    3. Law and Economics RI: "Every person on this subreddit should be aware of the Glass-Steagall act, because if it hadn't been repealed you'd be paying only 0.5% interest on your mortgage and student loans right now" (50 pts, 29 comments)
    4. Wealth is basically like character level in an MMORPG with player versus player combat, and like character level, wealth should have an absolute cap (46 pts, 210 comments)
    5. NAFTA was bad because it was bad for Detroit. Also, an increase in Americans' mean income is bad for the majority of Americans. (43 pts, 162 comments)
    6. "economist are like the Borg and don't care about regular people. They care about conglomerate entities like nations, corporations, etc. The smaller the conglomerate entity, the less of a shit economists give about it." (38 pts, 34 comments)
    7. "Why would greater productivity lead to higher wages and lower prices? There is little evidence to support that actually occurs in the real world." (36 pts, 62 comments)
    8. Printing more money causes deflation. Also, deflation is when prices of goods increase. Also, China caused the real estate bubble by "exporting deflation" though "flood[ing] the world with cheap products" (31 pts, 22 comments)
    9. This redditor has the solution for the Greek debt crisis, and indeed all economic problems across the globe: global jubilee (27 pts, 41 comments)
    10. Net Neutrality is communism. (25 pts, 88 comments)

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  3. User in /Politics unironically calls Integralds "Hitler" in a horrible thread about the Federal Reserve, Bitcoin, Anarcho-Marxism, and Basic Income. by u/commentsrus (202 pts, 17 comments)
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  8. Banks serve no social purpose, if banks didn't exist everyone could build their own house, the only reason you can't create your own money is because banks have banned it, banks are "cheeky cunts" for demanding repayment of loans, you are only an employee because you have to pay taxes, and more! by u/usrname42 (121 pts, 85 comments)
  9. "Economics teacher" explains why free trade is bad. Seems to have no idea what comparative advantage is. by u/telaisarcher1 (109 pts, 313 comments)
  10. "In the U.S., the gap stands at 64%, meaning that women earn about two-thirds of what men make for similar work." by u/wqqk (108 pts, 23 comments)

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Buttcoin to Uranus!

One of bitcoins main proponents patrick byrne is in bed with the Cato Institute, which is sponsored by the Koch brothers. Sam Patterson of OpenBazaar is the senior policy analyst of the koch institute.
If you want to see how the koch brothers have previously pulled the ladder on economic growth while promoting libertarians and ayn rand, I suggest you watch Park Avenue, Money Power and the American Dream.
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Reddit Activist Network TL;DR News Dump 02/16/2012 06:30 EST

Wow.. maybe there's been a dip in the news but I feel if you've been keeping up with the TL;DR updates, you have a handle on everything major happening right now for the online freedom fight. :)
Which means I can start playing with some other stuff. Check back in today to see some projects, i'll try to get off the ground!
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Ron Paul 2012
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Matt Forney Live (8/25/2019): Koch-Sucking Freaks Koch wants tentacles David Pakman Takes Koch Brothers Money Like Dave Rubin?!  ContraPoints Leaves Twitter Forever Trump’s New Secy of State is Top ALL TIME Recipient of Koch Money KOCH BROTHERS SUPER PAC DONORS REVEALED

David Koch explains why he believes Bitcoin is a massive fad. Picture: Brett Costello Source:News Corp Australia. ANSWER this for me. A door-to-door salesman (think Avon, vacuum cleaners, etc ... The Koch Brothers Are the Left’s Bogeyman. George Soros to the political-Right is the Koch Brothers (now just Koch Brother) to the political-Left. Democrats hate this family. Their main gripe? They claim that these oil tycoons have been funding Republicans and using their billions to lobby for their self-centered interests. r/Bitcoin: A community dedicated to Bitcoin, the currency of the Internet. Bitcoin is a distributed, worldwide, decentralized digital money … Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. r/Bitcoin. log in sign up. User account menu. 1. Bitcoins, think tanks and the Koch brothers. Close. 1. Posted by. u/keuka. 6 years ago. Archived. Bitcoins ... A fair view of the Koch brothers, and explaining bitcoin. By Steven Brill. March 25, 2014 . 1. Getting a full, fair view of the money behind the Democrats’ prime enemies: Their company makes everything from Dixie Cups to Brawny paper towels to Lycra swimwear to a huge share of the plywood, lumber and other products used in construction. It operates 4,000 miles of energy pipelines, according ... George Soros & the Koch Brothers – Why Do Conspiracists Love Them? CCN.com – News & Blazing Op-Eds George Soros is back in the news after Newt Gingrich attacked him. The Left despises the Koch Brothers. What’s true and what’s conspiracy? George Soros & the Koch Brothers – Why Do Conspiracists Love Them? CCN.com – […]

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Matt Forney Live (8/25/2019): Koch-Sucking Freaks

–Rand Paul writes a disgusting tribute to the Koch Brothers http://time.com/3822767/charles-koch-david-koch-2015-time-100/ –On the Bonus Show: Oklahoma appro... The Kochs and Soros Both Agree: The Internet Must be Censored Styxhexenhammer666. Loading... Unsubscribe from Styxhexenhammer666? Cancel Unsubscribe. Working... Subscribe Subscribed Unsubscribe ... On this episode of Matt Forney Live, I'll be discussing the death of David Koch, how the Koch brothers ruined America by gutting labor laws, promoting mass immigration, and more, the one-year ... Suggested by SME Elvis Presley - Suspicious Minds (Audio) Song An American Trilogy (Live at The Honolulu International Center, Hawaii January 14, 1973) --Mike Pompeo, current CIA Director and President Trump's choice to replace Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State, is the top all-time recipient of campaign donations from the Koch brothers from his ...