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A look at the cryptopress - Some words about bad an inaccurate journalism

A look at the cryptopress - Some words about bad an inaccurate journalism
I know we are living in a world where alternate reality and fake news becoming more and more common sense. Never the less i think it is required to fight this ongoing grievance. The best way to do it is to show the people their inappropriate work and dismantle it by proof. Inaccurate news are harmful no matter being done with intend or just sloppy work.This time i picked an article published by a German online cryptomagazine called coin hero.
They claimed that Charles made following statement (Translation): Hoskinson also chose 2020 to push Bitcoin from first place and make Cardano the most widely used cryptocurrency in the world. - this is a ridiculous statement wich Charles Hoskinson never made and it lets him look like a crazy fool being far from reality. - He actually said on his AMA: “This is the decade of Cardano,” he said in the AMA, adding that serious work is being done to make Cardano the most predominant force in the cryptocurrency space by the end of the 2020s.
No matter if this was done by intend or not it is an example of awful journalistic work. It shows a lack of control by the magazine and tells me that the author should better write the horoscope or work on crosswords. I f publishing such nonsense the magazine should contemplate a name change:
It might be that this article is neither friendly nor very polite but it is what it is - simply the truth!

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[Confidential] Planning for F*-Day

Guys, we should start detailed planning for F*-day.
Below is a very rough draft of the script for the upcoming bit-coin fork, as proposed by the Field Op managers at last week's meeting. Read it carefully and bring any suggestions etc. to the next meeting [Note 0]. Special Agents Neckbeard, SwampThing, NakaTuring, and BitSavior will be receiving additional details through the usual channel (if the backlog clears in time).
All times are UTC of F*-day. You must all have received a Chinese fortune cookie at the Friday brunch with the date; please keep it secret. (Harry, the janitor says that you left yours on the table; please see him ASAP.)
[Note 0] The next Field Ops meeting may be delayed since His Scaliness the Sub-Vice Lizard showed up for a snack and we are now looking for a replacement Secretary. Please keep your cochlear implants tuned for further announcements.
[Note 1] All values and coin amounts in these minutes have been computed with a javascript implementation of the Solidity bistromathics library, with sinking-point arithmetic, in order to confuse any enemy agents who may be reading this forum.
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Brain Wallet Fascination

I have been following bitcoin since early this year. In fact, I tried to buy my first couple of bitcoin in April when it was around $70USD/bitcoin. Tried through MtGox (only good option for me at the time), but account and transaction trouble made it not go through (forgive my ignorance on what went wrong). Anyway, I've finally got myself a (very small) amount of coin, and am happily buying bits whenever I can.
All this has helped me learn more about cryptography and crypto currency, and I am now fascinated with the idea of a brain wallet. I think I understand this correctly (but let me know if I'm wrong): I could go to a site like bitaddress.org, save the site locally on my non-internet connected computer, and come up with a string of words (a story, a poem, anything I like), and using misspellings, wrong/mismatched case, number-for-letter substitutions) and have bitaddress.org spit out a new bitcoin address public/private keys. I could then bake a cake, and frost it, then inscribe the cake with this stringy of words (let's say a personalized birthday wish), send it to my friend, and my friend could redeem that string (brain wallet) and claim the bitcoin address and any coin associated with it. Fascinating!
And to take this a step further, couldn't a pro-bitcoin altruist create such a story or string of words and hide it in plain site (say in a newspaper, or sky-writing, or crossword puzzle, anything) and whomever uses the right part of the string could find the bitcoin and move them to the address/et of their choice. Fascinating!
That's all I've got. Just sharing my new fascination and asking if there are any holes in my very basic understanding. Thanks!
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