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Barry Silbert Funded Metronome Before NYA. We Have Proof He Wants A Bitcoin Split/Fork To Maximize The Effect of Metronome (aka Jeff Garzik’s shitcoin)

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Barry Silbert Funded Metronome Before NYA. We Have Proof He Wants A Bitcoin Split/Fork To Maximize The Effect of Metronome (aka Jeff Garziks shitcoin)

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Knowledge Broker Blueprint is a new winning playbook formula and online business training program created by mastermind legends Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi and their proprietary MindMint software.
Knowledge Broker Blueprint is the newest 2020 version of Knowledge Business Blueprint which launched in April 2019 (which had over 200,000 people watching its release and over 16,000 people joined). The KBB 2.0 is set up to focus on three core components; course (education), software (tools) and coaching (mastermind).
Dean and Tony are looking to make a lightning strike twice following the success of KBB 1.0. Now with KBB 2.0, they claim to have come back bigger and better than ever to help people start winning at the game of life and business. A “Knowledge Broker” is defined as a person with skill, passion or expertise that shares it with others to create impact and earn profits. Tony and Dean both believe being a Knowledge Broker is the single best thing you can do as an entrepreneur as people are voting with their wallets and paying to learn from professional DOERS instead.
That is the central theme of the Knowledge Broker Blueprint Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi put together for the launch of KBB 2.0. While there is still more information coming out about the launch of KBB 2.0, here are all of the top-level details we can share about Knowledge Broker Blueprint to start:
Tony Robbins has teamed up with Dean Graziosi to launch a new online training program called Knowledge Broker Blueprint. “KBB” claims it will be one of the biggest online business training course launches in history. While more information is surfacing about the winning playbook found within KBB 2.0, our review of Knowledge Broker Blueprint is broken down into three major sections so you can get a complete overview of what it is, how it works, and what to expect.
To best understand Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi's Knowledge Broker Blueprint program, our research is in the following format that explores all aspects of KBB 2.0:
1) what is knowledge broker blueprint review 2) who is Tony Robbins 3) Knowledge Broker World Summit
Now, before we jump right into the Knowledge Broker Blueprint review, there is one small minor detail worth mentioning – and that is Tony Robbins fondness of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.
Back during the last bull market cycle for crypto assets, Tony Robbins did share a tweet that helped clear up the confusion around Bitcoin with his millions of followers and fans. Also, in addition to tweeting and writing blog posts about bitcoin to educate his audience, he also featured bitcoin in his #1 New York best-selling book, Money: Master the Game where he talked about proper asset allocation in a book where he interviewed the brightest minds and most brilliant financial innovators in the world.
While Knowledge Broker Blueprint isn't focused on bitcoin or cryptocurrencies, it is about business and the future of financial success. This is why Master The Crypto wanted to review Knowledge Broker Blueprint as a fantastic way to self-educate and learn from the right people as the best way to secure success today.
Now, let's dive into all of the research and provide meaningful insight and analysis to how Knowledge Broker Blueprint works, who Tony Robbins is and their Knowledge Broker World Summit event coming up in 2020.


Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi have teamed up to launch the Knowledge Broker Blueprint. It’s a combination of a business development plan and a personal development plan.
The Knowledge Broker Blueprint is a live-cast that will take place on February 27. You can opt into the live-cast between February 19 and 26.
Some of the key features of the Knowledge Broker Blueprint include:
The idea behind Knowledge Broker Blueprint is that you can discover the strategies used by some of today’s most successful individuals. What are these people doing to be successful? Knowledge Broker Blueprint claims to teach you these lessons.
The 2020 version of Knowledge Broker Blueprint is officially called Knowledge Broker Blueprint 2.0. It’s the second version of this system.


Knowledge Broker Blueprint, also abbreviated to KBB, is an online course consisting of four modules.
The creators of KBB are calling it one of the biggest online course launches in history.
The initial live cast announcing the launch of Knowledge Broker Blueprint had over 250,000 viewers worldwide. That live cast was hosted by Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi.
In the words of the course’s creator, the course “teaches you how to extract your knowledge, skill, hobby or passion (or someone else’s)”, then identity the people willing to pay for that unique skill or knowledge.
What type of “thing” do you do more effectively than anyone else? What type of knowledge do you have that people may be willing to pay for?
While progressing through the Knowledge Broker Blueprint course, you will use the MindMint software. The software keeps track of your progress.
That’s why Knowledge Broker Blueprint is more than just an education program or software system: it’s a combination of both. Together, the education program and software promise to “allow anyone to start or scale a highly impactful and highly profitable mastermind, group, workshop or community.”
Some people might think, “I don’t even have any unique skills. I can barely use a computer.” That’s fine! As the creator of Knowledge Broker Blueprint explains:
“It doesn’t mater if you don’t have any tech skills or any previous business experience. Everything you need to know is provided in this training program by 3 of the greatest entrepreneurs of our generation.”


Knowledge Broker Blueprint isn’t your typical training course. The entire purpose of the course is to teach you how to leverage your unique knowledge into personal profit.
As the name of the course suggests, Knowledge Broker Blueprint will give you the blueprint you need to broker your knowledge.
As a “knowledge broker”, you are selling your unique knowledge to the world. What type of information can you leverage today? What kind of unique knowledge or skills do you have that people are willing to pay for?
The ultimate goal is to teach you how to run your own mastermind group or mastermind event.
The Knowledge Broker Blueprint course gives you all of the tools you need to set up your mastermind group, the market that mastermind group to the world, and maximize profit from that group.
Keep in mind that you don’t need to know anything to run a mastermind group. Some people run profitable mastermind groups simply by inviting smarter people to the event. If you could get Oprah Winfrey, Elon Musk, and Bill Gates into one room, don’t you think people would buy a ticket? That’s an extreme example, but that’s the type of thinking behind Knowledge Broker Blueprint.


Knowledge Broker Blueprint is a completely online course. You get video tutorials, resources, exercises, downloadable worksheets, and access to a private Facebook group. Here’s what you get with Knowledge Broker Blueprint:
  1. Extract It
  2. Fill It
  3. Run It
  4. Knowledge Broker
Each training video ranges in length from 7 minutes to 30 minutes. However, there are some longer training videos that dive deep into topics like Facebook and YouTube advertisements.
The downloadable PDF worksheets, meanwhile, can be printed off before you start a lesson. Fill in the worksheets as you go along. Or, test your knowledge after (or both). It will help you retain the information from the lesson.
Each lesson is also followed by a quiz to verify that you retained the knowledge.
In other words, there’s a lot of content with Knowledge Broker Blueprint. The hours of video will teach you everything you need to know about creating your own mastermind program.
Tony and Dean have packaged years of experience in these videos. They’re distilling their combined 60+ years of industry experience into one concise training program. If you’re willing to put in the work, you can get a lot of priceless information from Knowledge Broker Blueprint.


Knowledge Broker Blueprint 2.0 comes with a software called MintMint. The software walks you through the entire process of setting up an event, including the initial announcement of the event, marketing for the event, planning, execution, and more.
Essentially, MindMint has everything you need to ensure your mastermind event goes off smoothly – and profitably.
MindMint also organizes event information in one place. You can keep information about the trainers, speakers, attendees together, for example, along with the information about the schedule, key dates, and more.
MindMint doesn’t just help plan and organize the event: the software also helps you create a sales funnel for the event. You can get help with everything from your landing page to your final payment page.
In summary, here’s what’s included with the MindMint software:
Planning Support: Event scheduling, itinerary, attendees, hosts, and more.
Announcement Support: Build hype, marketing support, email templates, sales copy, and more
Sales Funnel: Landing page, templates, payment pages, marketing, and more.
And More: MindMint is an all-in-one software that contains everything you need to know about running your own mastermind event from beginning to end.


We mentioned above that Knowledge Broker Blueprint comes with four modules, including Extract It, Fill It, Run It, and Knowledge Broker. Below, we’ll explain what you’ll learn in each of those modules:


The first module, Extract It, begins with Tony Robbins explaining some crucial lessons on mindset. How do successful people think? What strategies do successful people do differently on a daily basis? Tony Robbins uses his 40+ years of self-help experience to explain the secret mindsets of successful people. Then, Dean breaks down the most important foundational steps you’ll need to cover before creating a business, including:


In the second module, Fill It, Tony and Dean will explain marketing tactics to promote your mastermind group. Dean and other experts will teach you how to become a marketing expert with topics like:


Run It explains the strategies you need to execute your successful event. You’ve developed your event and marketed it. Now you need to pull it off and amaze attendees. Some of the strategies covered in the third module include:


Finally, Knowledge Broker lists three aspects of running your own mastermind group, including:


As an early Knowledge Broker Blueprint adopter, you get access to several bonus lessons, including:
Tony Robbins’ Ultimate Edge: Four-part audio system explaining how to create an extraordinary and successful life.
Dean’s Inner Circle: Highlights from Dean’s best Inner Circle training lessons.
Tony Robbins’ Platinum Bonus: Recordings from experts like Jack Bogle and Peter Mallouk.
Russel Brunson’s Mastermind Funnels: Secrets to setting up bulletproof sales funnels.
Tony Robbins’ Priming Exercise: How to give yourself a winning mindset.


Q: On What Day Will the Knowledge Broker Blueprint Livecast Take Place?
A: The Knowledge Broker Blueprint livecast will take place on February 27, 2020.
Q: Who is Tony Robbins?
A: Tony Robbins is a motivational speaker, author, business consultant, and self-help expert. Robbins rose to prominence in the 1980s and 1990s with infomercials and national bestselling books. Today, he continues to be relevant to seminars and other events.
Q: What is the Knowledge Broker Blueprint?
A: The Knowledge Broker Blueprint is an online training course that teaches you how to launch your own mastermind event from beginning to end. It explains how to “broker” knowledge: you’re collecting knowledge (either from yourself or others) and selling that knowledge to the world.
Q: What is a Mastermind Group?
A: A mastermind group is a group or event where you share unique knowledge, skills, or experience with the world.
Q: Is Knowledge Broker Blueprint Legit?
A: Knowledge Broker Blueprint is marketing itself as one of the biggest online course launches in history. There’s a lot of content here, and the course is certainly legitimate. The fact that Tony Robbins has signed on is a big deal.
Q: What is Knowledge Business Blueprint?
A: In 2019, the same team launched a similar event called Knowledge Business Blueprint. In 2020, the team is launching a new event called Knowledge Broker Blueprint, although the two share similar strategies.
Q: Who is Dean Graziosi?
A: Dean Graziosi is an author, investor, entrepreneur, and trainer who grew from poverty to wealth. Today, he teaches others how to replicate that success. Graziosi is leading the Knowledge Broker Blueprint training system in partnership with Tony Robbins.
Now, this concludes our comprehensive review of Knowledge Broker Blueprint – but there is much more ground to cover to understand how Dean Graziosi and Tony Robbins came to be the legends they are today in the world of online business and entrepreneurship. Next, let's revisit the incredible life and story of Tony Robbins, the pioneering Mastermind guru behind KBB 2.0.


Tony Robbins is an American author, life coach, and philanthropist. The Los Angeles-based entrepreneur is best-known for his infomercials, seminars, and self-help books, including the books Unlimited Power (published in 1987) and Awaken the Giant Within (published in 1993).
Over the years, Robbins has worked individually with clients ranging from Bill Clinton to Wayne Gretzky to Steve Wynn.
By the early 1990s, an estimated 100 million Americans had viewed Tony Robbins infomercials. Many of his books have also become national bestsellers.


Tony Robbins was born in North Hollywood, California on February 29, 1960. He claims to have had a “chaotic” and “abusive” home life throughout his childhood. Robbins is the eldest of three children, and his parents divorced when he was seven. His mother remarried multiple times, including to a former semi-professional baseball player named Jim Robbins, who legally adopted Tony when he was 12.
Tony Robbins was born Anthony J. Mahavoric, although he changed his name to Anthony Jay Robbins after being adopted by Jim Robbins. Although he once went under the name Anthony Robbins, he now mostly goes by Tony Robbins.
When Robbins was 17 years old, he left home and never returned. He later worked as a janitor, and he never attended college.
Robbins began his career promoting events for motivational speaker and author Jim Rohn. In the early 1980s, Robbins developed techniques of neurolinguistic programming (NLP), hypnosis, and firewalking, incorporating these techniques into his seminars.
In 1987, Robbins published his first self-help book. In 1988, Robbins released his first infomercial, advertising himself as a “peak performance coach”.
Robbins’ career took off shortly after. His infomercials later featured celebrities like Pro Football Hall of Fame quarterback Fran Tarkenton and actor Martin Sheen. Robbins claimed to be able to help anyone – from athletes to business people to actors – unlock their maximum potential.
By 1991, an estimated 100 million Americans had viewed Robbins’ infomercials.
Over the years, Robbins has worked individually with many notable names, including Bill Clinton, Wayne Gretzky, Serena Williams, Hugh Jackman, Pitbull, and Justin Tuck.
Robbins is also trusted by some of America’s most notable business names, including Golden State Warriors co-owner Peter Guber and businessmen Steven Wynn and Marc Benioff. In more recent years, he has positioned himself as not just a self-help coach but also has a valuable business consultant.


Although he achieved initial success in the 1980s and 1990s, Tony Robbins continues to be relevant today. In 2015 and 2016, Robbins was listed on the Worth Magazine Power 100 list.
In 2014, Robbins made headlines for teaming up with Mia Hamm, Magic Johnson, and Peter Guber to acquire the rights to the Los Angeles Football Club (LAFC). Along with the LA Galaxy, LAFC is one of two MLS soccer teams in the Los Angeles area. They entered the league in 2018.
In 2016, Robbins got into eSports, purchasing Team Liquid, one of the best-known teams in the industry.
In 2019, the top three names on the Worth Magazine Power 100 list included Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos, China President and General Secretary Xi Jinping, and United States President Donald Trump. The magazine has ranked the top 100 most powerful people in the world every year since 2010.
Tony Robbins also continues to organize seminars through Robbins Research International.
Robbins has starred in infomercials since the 1980s. Today, the 59-year old motivational speaker has teamed up with Dean Graziosi to launch a program called the Knowledge Broker Blueprint.


To understand Tony Robbins and his success, it helps to understand his self-help books.
Tony Robbins’ first big hit, Unlimited Power, became a national bestseller. The book teaches you how to achieve a successful life.
In Unlimited Power, Robbins covers topics like:
The book was well-reviewed, and it remains a classic self-help book even in 2020, 33 years after first being published.


Six years after publishing Unlimited Power, Tony Robbins published his second self-help hit: Awaken the Giant Within.
The book is subtitled, “How to Take Immediate Control of Your Mental, Emotional, Physical, and Financial Destiny”.
Robbins walks readers through a step-by-step program that teaches fundamental lessons of self-mastery, including how to discover your true purpose, take control of your life, and harness the forces that shape your destiny.
Robbins tells you how to manage your emotions, your body, your finances, and your life. To date, Robbins has sold over one million copies of Awaken the Giant Within, and it became a #1 national bestseller soon after launch.
Now that Master The Crypto has covered who Tony Robbins is and how Knowledge Broker Blueprint works, let's give an overview of their upcoming event happening in October 2020 that coincides with KBB 2.0.


There are many different ways to learn a new skill, a new trade, or just about anything else. Although the conventional option is to read books, those who are looking for guidance from the expert themselves may want to attend a symposium. One particular program that has received some popularity in recent months is the Knowledge Broker World Summit.
According to the program, a knowledge broker is a person with skill, passion, or expertise who shares it with the world for impact and profit. Two individuals head the Knowledge Broker World Summit: Dean Graziosi and Tony Robbins. Graziosi is a best-selling author, entrepreneur, and investor. As for Robbins, is a business chairman and strategist.


Aside from hearing from Graziosi and Robbins, you’ll also hear from other speakers who can share their knowledge and experience in a conductive manner. For instance, a few of the attendee speakers include:
Additional speakers are being released as well. Those who register for the program and get their tickers will be notified of the new speakers are they are announced.


The Knowledge Broker World Summit is an event that may be able to provide attendees with guidance concerning how to achieve your goals and desires. As the program platform explains it shares education and wisdom on how to achieve abundance, fulfillment, and success. In addition, it provides direction on how attendees can escape the 9-5 grind, how they can create a legacy, and how to discover the “new you.” Keep in mind that while it all sounds promising, it is important to be aware that these are guiding principles. What may work for one individual does not always work for all.


There is also feedback from various individuals on what they “have to say” about the Graziosi and Robbins. It is unknown whether the comments are directed at the program. Nonetheless, the comments on the website are from Serena Williams, Larry King, Richard Branson, and Marie Menounos. Further, the comments are quite positive as well.


Those who are interested in the program have several ticket options available, which are as follows:
Option 1: Executive Seating for $323.00. This ticket option comes with 3-day access to the event and general entrance and seating. It also includes exclusive Knowledge Broker merchandise available at the live summit
Option 2: Preferred Seating. This ticket option comes with 3-day access to the vent, preferred entrance and seating, and Knowledge Broker merchandise available at the live summit
Option 3: VIP. This ticker option comes with 3-day access to the event, VIP entrance and seating, and VIP networking party. It also includes Knowledge Broker merchandise available at the live summit
The tickets can be purchased on the platform’s website.
Now, let's conclude our Knowledge Broker Blueprint review and get ready for an incredible launch and presentation by two legendary entrepreneurs who are self-educated and bringing their knowledge to the world via KBB 2.0.


Tony Robbins is a self-help master who rose to prominence in the 1980s and 1990s. Today, he’s a valued business consultant, author, and motivational speaker. The fact that he has partnered with Dean Graziosi to launch Knowledge Broker Blueprint is a big deal. These guys are both household names in the online business industry and have already done this once with the Knowledge Business Blueprint. With KBB 1.0, they learned, grew, and got vital intel and feedback from their members. Now they have revamped everything for the creation of KBB 2.0 and are promising it to be unlike anything you have ever seen in the world of online marketing and entrepreneurialship.
As the saying goes with all of Master The Crypto's guides, analysis and insights – there are two things every aspiring successful person must do to achieve success optimally:
1) follow the right people 2) act on the right information
Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi are the right people to follow and Knowledge Broker Blueprint is the right information to act on. Their three-step process found within the Knowledge Broker Blueprint course (education), software (tools) and coaching (mastermind) is guaranteed to be dynamic, dynamite and dominant.
The Knowledge Broker Blueprint livecast will take place on February 27, 2020. Set your calendars. Be sure not to miss the free live KBB 2.0 event and be prepared to be blown away by two industry giants and their legendary methods for teaching people how to create success, freedom and wealth in life.
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NY Agreement software being built to be deliberately and unnecessarily incompatible with the existing SegWit deployment

Jeff Garzik is developing a new piece of software, intended to implement the New York Agreement, which can be seen here:
The software will flag bit 4, but not bit 1, which means SegWit will not activate and existing nodes will not allow witness data on the Bitcoin p2p network already in use. This means a new p2p network may need to be set up, which could take many months of development and testing, and means the network will be very complex, with three p2p networks.
Flagging both bit 4 AND bit 1, such that the software is compatible with both SegWit and the NY Agreement can be done. It has even been implemented in BIP91. There is no clear reason for rejecting BIP91, and doing so appears destructive and potentially malicious.
When questions Jeff stated:
So the real answer is that we want to be maximally compatible with segwit within the bounds of the charter - a safe network upgrade to segwit-AND-2m. Post-hashpower-activation segwit2x will be the only segwit, for all intents and purposes, so deviations pre-activation would simply be legacy code post-.
I am not sure what this response means. It appears as if the software needs to do something unnecessarily stupid to be compliant with the "charter". Is this really what NY Agreement participants signed up for?
Please can we end these stupid games and do what is best for Bitcoin. It seems the NY Agreement has intentions other than SegWit and a hardfork later on, but instead some participants seem intent on causing delays, complexity or trouble.
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What is up with all these Bitcoin devs who think that their job includes HARD-CODING CERTAIN VALUES THAT ARE SUPPOSED TO BE USER-CONFIGURABLE (eg: "seed servers")?

Recently, the developer of SegWit2x / BTC1, Jeff Garzik, caused some controversy by hard-coding the "seed servers" which Bitcoin uses to first start hunting for "peers".
Worse than that: apparently one of the "seeds" is a company he started, variously named Chainalysis / Skry / Bloq - which apparently specializes in de-anonymizing Bitcoin transactions and performing KYC/AML - and which also has apparently entered into agreements with Interpol.
Seriously, WTF???
This is what "Bitcoin devs" still consider to be part of their "job" - hard-coding parameters like this, which affect everyone else on the network - and which could easily be "exposed" to be made user-configurable - instead of being baked into the source code and requiring a friggin' recompile to change???
This recent event has refocused attention on the fact all these past years, most of these seed servers in "the" existing (legacy) client running on most of the network have _also been hard-coded - to domains under the control of "devs associated with Blockstream".
I don't like the list of seed servers in Bitcoin Core
Pieter Wuille - does not support BIP148 - works for Blockstream
Matt Corallo - does not support BIP148 - works for Blockstream
Luke Dashjr - supports BIP148 - works for Blockstream
Christian Decker - supports BIP148 - works for Blockstream
Jonas Schnelli - supports BIP148
Peter Todd - supports BIP148 - worked for Samson Mow who works for Blockstream
The corporate takeover of bitcoin illustrated in 1 commit
In The corporate takeover of bitcoin illustrated in 1 commit a user complains that btc1 changing the seed servers to servers run by some companies (see commit) equals a "corporate takeover of bitcoin". I never really took much care who runs these seed server, although they do posses a certain power over the network as correctly pointed out by P. Todd in the same thread:
...and the key thing with that is being able to control what nodes a node connects to can be a very powerful tool to attack new nodes, as it lets you prevent a node from learning about the valid chain with the most work.
4 out of 5 people running the bitcoin networks seed servers are directly associated with Blockstream!
I don't even believe that Blockstream is actually plotting an evil, forceful takeover of bitcoin using the seed servers. However it beautifully counteracts Adam's "decentralization is everything" arguments. What is most troublesome to me, is that this simple information is not allowed to appear on r\bitcoin at all.
Bitcoin is almost 9 years old - and most people are still running clients which use hard-coded values (which require an inconvenient recompile to reconfigure) for the "seed servers"??
Maybe this is, in some sense, part of the reason why people like BlueMatt and Luke-Jr and Pieter Wiulle think they can lord it over us and tell everyone else what to do? ...because they have quietly (and unfairly / incompetently) hard-coded their own friggin' server domain names directly into everyone else's client code, as our "seed servers"?
Is the low level of "quality" we - as a community - have become accustomed to from our devs?
Do other clients (Bitcoin Classic, Bitcoin Unlimited and Bitcoin ABC) also gratuitously hard-code their "seed servers" like this?
Here's a post from a year ago regarding "seed servers" in Classic:
How come "classic" uses the same alert keys/DNS seeds as Core?
Meanwhile, here's the main question:
Why are any "serious" Bitcoin clients still "gratuitously" hard-coding any values like this?
Why has our "ecosystem" / "community" not naturally evolved to the point where we have some public "wiki" pages listing all the "good" (community-recognized, popular) seed servers - and every user configures their own client software by choosing who they want from this list?
(Maybe because we've been distracted by bullshit for these past few years, fighting with these very same devs because they've refused provide any support for users who want bigger blocks?)
What would users have to do if (God forbid) something were to happen to the servers of those 4-5 seed servers which are currently hard-coded into nearly everyone's clients?
In that situation (assuming some "new" seed servers quickly appeared) people would be have two options:
  • Edit their C++ source code and download/install a (trusted, verified) C++ compiler (if they don't already have one), and recompile the friggin' code; or
  • Wait until new binaries got posted online - and download them (and verify them).
This unnecessary "centralization point" (or major inconvenience / bottleneck) has been sitting in our code this entire time - while these supposedly knowledgeable devs keep beating us over their head with their mantra of "decentralization" - which they have actually been doing so little to maximize?
Psycho-Socio-Economic Side Bar
Serious (but delicate/senstive) question: How many of these "devs" have developed (possibly unconscious?) behaviors in life where they try to make users dependent on them?
"Vendor lock-in" is a thing - a very bad thing, which certain Bitcoin devs have exhibited a tendency to inflict on users - in many cases due to rather obvious (psychological, social, and/or economic) reasons.
We should gently (but firmly) reject these tendencies whenever any dev exhibits them.
Our community should expect and demand an accessible, user-friendly interface for all user-configurable parameters - to maximize decentralization and autonomy
  • In "command-line" versions of the client program, these kind of parameters should be:
    • in a separate config file - using some ultra-simple, standard format such as YAML or JSON
    • also configurable via options (eg, --seed-server) upon invocation on the command-line
  • In GUI versions version of the client program (using some popular cross-platform standard such as Qt, HTML, etc.) these kind of parameters should be exposed as user-configurable options.
Yes, these user-configurable values for things like "seed servers" (or "max blocksize") could come pre-configured to "sensible defaults - so that the software will work "out of the box" (immediately upon downloading and installing) - with no initial configuration required by the user.
Yes: Even the blocksize has always been user-configurable - but most users don't know this, because most devs have been hiding this fact from us.
Three recent posts by u/ForkiusMaximus explained how Adjustable-Blocksize-Cap (ABC) Bitcoin clients shatter this illusion:
Adjustable-blocksize-cap (ABC) clients give miners exactly zero additional power. BU, Classic, and other ABC clients are really just an argument in code form, shattering the illusion that devs are part of the governance structure.
Adjustable blocksize cap (ABC) is dangerous? The blocksize cap has always been user-adjustable. Core just has a really shitty inferface for it.
Clearing up Some Widespread Confusions about BU
Note about Bitcoin ABC vs Bitcoin Unlimited:
There is a specific new Bitcoin client called Bitcoin ABC, which functions similar to Bitcoin Unlimited - with the important difference that Bitcoin ABC is _guaranteed to hard-fork to bigger blocks on August 1_.
(Please correct me if I'm wrong about this. Documentation for the behavior of these various hard-forks is currently still rather disorganized :-)
All serious devs should be expected to provide code which does not require a "recompile" to change these "initial, sensible" default parameters.
I mean - come on. Even back in the 80s people had "*.INI" files on DOS and Windows.
Nearly all users understand and know how to set user-configurable values - for decades.
How many people are familiar with using a program which has a "Preferences" screen? (Sometimes you may have to close and re-open the program in order for your new preferences to take effect.) This is really basic, basic functionality which nearly all software provides via a GUI (and or config file and/or command-line options).
And nearly all devs have been offering this kind of functionality - in either command-line parameters, config files, and/or graphic user interfaces (GUIs).
Except most Bitcoin devs.
The state of "software development" for Bitcoin clients seems really messed up in certain ways like this.
As users, we need to start demanding simple, standard features in our client software - such as accessible, user-friendly configurability of parameter values - without the massive inconvenience of a recompile.
What is a "Bitcoin client"?
After nearly 9 years in operation, our community should by now have a basic concept or definition of what a "Bitcoin client" is / does - probably something along the lines of:

A Bitcoin client is a device for reading (and optionally appending to) the immutable Bitcoin Blockchain.

Based on that general concept / definition, a program which does all of the above and also gratuitously "hard-codes" a bunch of domain names for "seed servers" is not quite the same thing as a "a Bitcoin client".
Such an "overspecialized" client actually provides merely a subset of the full functionality of a true "Bitcoin client", eg:
  • An "overspecialized" client only enables connecting to certain "seed servers" upon startup (in accordance with the "gratuitous opinion" of the dev who (mis)translated the community's conceptual specifications to C++ code)
  • An "overspecialized" client only enables mining blocks less that a certain size (in accordance with the "gratuitous opinion" of the dev who (mis)translated the community's conceptual specifications to C++ code)
One of the main problems with nearly all Bitcoin clients developed so far is that they are gratuitously opinionated: they "gratuitously" hard-code particular values (eg, "max blocksize", "seed servers") which are not part of the whitepaper, and not part of the generally accepted definition of a "Bitcoin client".
This failure on the part of devs to provide Bitcoin clients which behave in accordance with the community's specification of "Bitcoin clients" is seriously damaging Bitcoin - and needs to be fixed as soon as possible.
Right now is a good opportunity - with so many new Bitcoin clients popping up, as the community prepares to fork.
All devs working on various Bitcoin client software offerings need to wake up and realize that there is about to be a major battle to find out which Bitcoin client software offering performs "best" (in the user-interface sense - and ultimately in the economic sense) at:

reading (and optionally appending to) the immutable Bitcoin Blockchain

The Bitcoin client software offerings which can optimally (and most simply and securely :-) "satisfy" the above specification (and not merely some gratuitously overspecialized "subset" of it) will have the most success.
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AXA/Blockstream are suppressing Bitcoin price at 1000 bits = 1 USD. If 1 bit = 1 USD, then Bitcoin's market cap would be 15 trillion USD - close to the 82 trillion USD of "money" in the world. With Bitcoin Unlimited, we can get to 1 bit = 1 USD on-chain with 32MB blocksize ("Million-Dollar Bitcoin")

~ YouDoTheMath u/ydtm
(1) Who is AXA? Why and how would they want to suppress the Bitcoin price?
Blockstream is now controlled by the Bilderberg Group - seriously! AXA Strategic Ventures, co-lead investor for Blockstream's $55 million financing round, is the investment arm of French insurance giant AXA Group - whose CEO Henri de Castries has been chairman of the Bilderberg Group since 2012.
If Bitcoin becomes a major currency, then tens of trillions of dollars on the "legacy ledger of fantasy fiat" will evaporate, destroying AXA, whose CEO is head of the Bilderbergers. This is the real reason why AXA bought Blockstream: to artificially suppress Bitcoin volume and price with 1MB blocks.
The insurance company with the biggest exposure to the 1.2 quadrillion dollar (ie, 1200 TRILLION dollar) derivatives casino is AXA. Yeah, that AXA, the company whose CEO is head of the Bilderberg Group, and whose "venture capital" arm bought out Bitcoin development by "investing" in Blockstream.
Greg Maxwell used to have intelligent, nuanced opinions about "max blocksize", until he started getting paid by AXA, whose CEO is head of the Bilderberg Group - the legacy financial elite which Bitcoin aims to disintermediate. Greg always refuses to address this massive conflict of interest. Why?
Who owns the world? (1) Barclays, (2) AXA, (3) State Street Bank. (Infographic in German - but you can understand it without knowing much German: "Wem gehört die Welt?" = "Who owns the world?") AXA is the #2 company with the most economic poweconnections in the world. And AXA owns Blockstream.
(2) What evidence do we have that Core and AXA-owned Blockstream are actually impacting (suppressing) the Bitcoin price?
This trader's price & volume graph / model predicted that we should be over $10,000 USD/BTC by now. The model broke in late 2014 - when AXA-funded Blockstream was founded, and started spreading propaganda and crippleware, centrally imposing artificially tiny blocksize to suppress the volume & price.
This graph shows Bitcoin price and volume (ie, blocksize of transactions on the blockchain) rising hand-in-hand in 2011-2014. In 2015, Core/Blockstream tried to artificially freeze the blocksize - and artificially froze the price. Bitcoin Classic will allow volume - and price - to freely rise again.
Also see a similar graph in u/Peter__R's recent article on Medium - where the graph clearly shows the same Bitcoin price suppression - ie price uncoupling from adoption and dipping below the previous tightly correlated trend - starting right at that fateful moment when Blockstream came on the scene and told Bitcoiners that we can't have nice things anymore like on-chain scaling and increasing adoption and price: late 2014.
Graph - Visualizing Metcalfe's Law: The relationship between Bitcoin's market cap and the square of the number of transactions
Bitcoin has its own E = mc2 law: Market capitalization is proportional to the square of the number of transactions. But, since the number of transactions is proportional to the (actual) blocksize, then Blockstream's artificial blocksize limit is creating an artificial market capitalization limit!
1 BTC = 64 000 USD would be > $1 trillion market cap - versus $7 trillion market cap for gold, and $82 trillion of "money" in the world. Could "pure" Bitcoin get there without SegWit, Lightning, or Bitcoin Unlimited? Metcalfe's Law suggests that 8MB blocks could support a price of 1 BTC = 64 000 USD
(3) "But no - they'd never do that!"
Actually - yes, they would. And "they" already are. For years, governments and central bankers have been spending trillions in fiat on wars - and eg suppressing precious metals prices by flooding the market with "fake (paper) gold" and "fake (paper) silver" - to prevent the debt- & war-backed PetroDollar from collapsing.
The owners of Blockstream are spending $76 million to do a "controlled demolition" of Bitcoin by manipulating the Core devs & the Chinese miners. This is cheap compared to the $ trillions spent on the wars on Iraq & Libya - who also defied the Fed / PetroDollar / BIS private central banking cartel.
JPMorgan suppresses gold & silver prices to prop up the USDollar - via "naked short selling" of GLD & SLV ETFs. Now AXA (which owns $94 million of JPMorgan stock) may be trying to suppress Bitcoin price - via tiny blocks. But AXA will fail - because the market will always "maximize coinholder value"
Why did Blockstream CTO u/nullc Greg Maxwell risk being exposed as a fraud, by lying about basic math? He tried to convince people that Bitcoin does not obey Metcalfe's Law (claiming that Bitcoin price & volume are not correlated, when they obviously are). Why is this lie so precious to him?
If you had $75 million invested in Blockstream, and you saw that stubbornly freezing the blocksize at 1 MB for the next year was clogging up the network and could kill the currency before LN even had a chance to roll out, wouldn't you support an immediate increase to 2 MB to protect your investment?
[Tinfoil] What do these seven countries have in common? (Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, and Iran) In the context of banking, one that sticks out is that none of them is listed among the 56 member banks of the Bank for International Settlements (BIS).
(4) What can we do to fight back and let Bitcoin's price continue to rise again?
  • Reject the Central Blocksize Planners at Core/Blockstream - and the censors at r\bitcoin.
  • Install Bitcoin Unlimited, which supports market-based blocksize in accordance with Satoshi's original vision.
  • Be patient - and persistent - and decentralized - and Bitcoin will inevitably win.
The moderators of r\bitcoin have now removed a post which was just quotes by Satoshi Nakamoto.
"Notice how anyone who has even remotely supported on-chain scaling has been censored, hounded, DDoS'd, attacked, slandered & removed from any area of Core influence. Community, business, Hearn, Gavin, Jeff, XT, Classic, Coinbase, Unlimited, ViaBTC, Ver, Jihan, Bitcoin.com, btc" ~ u/randy-lawnmole
"I was initially in the small block camp. My worry was decentralization & node count going down as a result. But when Core refused to increase the limit to 4MB, which at the time no Core developer thought would have a negative effect, except Luke-Jr, I began to see ulterior motives." u/majorpaynei86
Satoshi Nakamoto, October 04, 2010, 07:48:40 PM "It can be phased in, like: if (blocknumber > 115000) maxblocksize = largerlimit / It can start being in versions way ahead, so by the time it reaches that block number and goes into effect, the older versions that don't have it are already obsolete."
The debate is not "SHOULD THE BLOCKSIZE BE 1MB VERSUS 1.7MB?". The debate is: "WHO SHOULD DECIDE THE BLOCKSIZE?" (1) Should an obsolete temporary anti-spam hack freeze blocks at 1MB? (2) Should a centralized dev team soft-fork the blocksize to 1.7MB? (3) OR SHOULD THE MARKET DECIDE THE BLOCKSIZE?
"Bitcoin Unlimited ... makes it more convenient for miners and nodes to adjust the blocksize cap settings through a GUI menu, so users don't have to mod the Core code themselves (like some do now). There would be no reliance on Core (or XT) to determine 'from on high' what the options are." - ZB
Bitcoin Unlimited is the real Bitcoin, in line with Satoshi's vision. Meanwhile, BlockstreamCoin+RBF+SegWitAsASoftFork+LightningCentralizedHub-OfflineIOUCoin is some kind of weird unrecognizable double-spendable non-consensus-driven fiat-financed offline centralized settlement-only non-P2P "altcoin"
The Nine Miners of China: "Core is a red herring. Miners have alternative code they can run today that will solve the problem. Choosing not to run it is their fault, and could leave them with warehouses full of expensive heating units and income paid in worthless coins." – tsontar
ViABTC: "Why I support BU: We should give the question of block size to the free market to decide. It will naturally adjust to ever-improving network & technological constraints. Bitcoin Unlimited guarantees that block size will follow what the Bitcoin network is capable of handling safely."
Fun facts about ViaBTC: Founded by expert in distributed, highly concurrent networking from "China's Google". Inspired by Viaweb (first online store, from LISP guru / YCombinator founder Paul Graham). Uses a customized Bitcoin client on high-speed network of clusters in US, Japan, Europe, Hong Kong.
Bitcoin's specification (eg: Excess Blocksize (EB) & Acceptance Depth (AD), configurable via Bitcoin Unlimited) can, should & always WILL be decided by ALL the miners & users - not by a single FIAT-FUNDED, CENSORSHIP-SUPPORTED dev team (Core/Blockstream) & miner (BitFury) pushing SegWit 1.7MB blocks
The number of blocks being mined by Bitcoin Unlimited is now getting very close to surpassing the number of blocks being mined by SegWit! More and more people are supporting BU's MARKET-BASED BLOCKSIZE - because BU avoids needless transaction delays and ultimately increases Bitcoin adoption & price!
I think the Berlin Wall Principle will end up applying to Blockstream as well: (1) The Berlin Wall took longer than everyone expected to come tumbling down. (2) When it did finally come tumbling down, it happened faster than anyone expected (ie, in a matter of days) - and everyone was shocked.
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  1. 3212 points, 5 submissions: finalhedge
    1. Bitcoin price surpasses $4,500 for the first time since September 8, 1 month ago. Incredible resilience. China had no impact in mid-term. (2663 points, 194 comments)
    2. Bitcoin Core Dev: "Anyone who wants to contribute is free to participate in the FOSS process...it's a process, not an organization." (210 points, 22 comments)
    3. "Many people don't understand Bitcoin because no one alive has seen a good becoming money in real-time... as is happening to Bitcoin today" (131 points, 40 comments)
    4. Gold has been a bubble for 10,000 years; Bitcoin will be too. (118 points, 17 comments)
    5. The only way to hurt bitcoin is to undermine the economic incentives to using it. Only a global sound monetary system could do that. (90 points, 8 comments)
  2. 1309 points, 15 submissions: readish
    1. Andreas has a very well organized group of playlists on his YT channel. Great resource to learn about Bitcoin. (933 points, 91 comments)
    2. Exposed: How Bankers are trying to centralize and highjack Bitcoin by buying "supporters" and promoters (like OpenBazaar team) for the B2X (S2X/NYA) attack on Bitcoin. (234 points, 82 comments)
    3. Ever wonder how Bitcoin (and other cryptocurrencies) actually work? (53 points, 6 comments)
    4. The balance finally is moving, against S2X. (18 points, 3 comments)
    5. I can't see who is buying by the volumes. Is it Korea or Japan? (16 points, 5 comments)
    6. Max Keiser vs. Peter Schiff - Bitcoin vs. Gold (Max owned Peter). (16 points, 5 comments)
    7. Bitcoin Price Rises to $4,450 Despite Looming SegWit2x Fork (10 points, 10 comments)
    8. BTC trading volumes by currency: China is fading away, down to #6, surpassed by Australia (Ignore Japan since its fake volume, like China was before stopping 0% fees). (9 points, 5 comments)
    9. Increasing number of NYA signers when asked: Do you still support B2X attack on Bitcoin? (7 points, 1 comment)
    10. China volume is picking up, any news coming soon? (5 points, 2 comments)
  3. 687 points, 1 submission: abercrombezie
    1. Train to 5k is departing, don't miss it! (687 points, 134 comments)
  4. 665 points, 3 submissions: logical
    1. Segwit use continues to accelerate. 144 block moving average now at over 9% of transactions even though very few wallets natively support it. (323 points, 74 comments)
    2. I'm thankful to the NYA backers because they are proving that bitcoin cannot be taken over by a group of corporate insiders, even with more than 51% hash power. (277 points, 137 comments)
    3. Average transaction fee under twenty cents. Last full block had total fees of 0.07751683BTC over 1,753 transactions. Or an avg fee of 0.00004421952653 BTC/tx (65 points, 34 comments)
  5. 559 points, 1 submission: lIIlllIIlIIllIlllIIl
    1. Welcoming back $4600 (559 points, 44 comments)
  6. 535 points, 22 submissions: Cryptoknowledge
    1. A former Goldman Sachs VP who founded a crypto hedge fund says betting on bitcoin is like betting on the internet in the 90s (296 points, 51 comments)
    2. Schools Are Officially Accepting Bitcoin for Tuition (128 points, 6 comments)
    3. China may resume cryptocurrency trading by licensing Bitcoin exchanges (22 points, 7 comments)
    4. Indian Self-Drive Car Rental Firm Beats Uber in Bitcoin Adoption (13 points, 0 comments)
    5. Bitcoin Exchanges in Mexico Prepare for new Regulatory Measures (12 points, 0 comments)
    6. Despite Detractors Bitcoin Remains Best Performing Currency (10 points, 0 comments)
    7. Bitcoin Transactions Lead To Arrest of Major Drug Dealer (9 points, 5 comments)
    8. Bitcoin basics: From layman to layman (8 points, 1 comment)
    9. Bitcoin is back above $4,500 for the first time in a month (6 points, 0 comments)
    10. Cryptocurrency This Week: Dubai To Introduce Its Own Cryptocurrency emCash, Bitcoin's 'Cobra Effect' in China, And More (6 points, 0 comments)
  7. 528 points, 1 submission: op-return
    1. Whats happening right now.... (528 points, 152 comments)
  8. 523 points, 2 submissions: chek2fire
    1. Jeff Garzik 5/7/2017: "SegWit upgrades likely to take years" lol (498 points, 178 comments)
    2. The "real" Bitcoin right now... (25 points, 8 comments)
  9. 472 points, 1 submission: osmium666
    1. Please stop. Until it's too late (472 points, 232 comments)
  10. 418 points, 2 submissions: robzonpl
    1. If you plan to support B2X on your exchange, I've made a logo you can use. (315 points, 71 comments)
    2. It's not "legacy chain", it's the "original chain" (103 points, 43 comments)
  11. 414 points, 1 submission: wealeer
    1. Japan's Largest Bitcoin Exchange Bitflyer Launches Bitcoin Visa Prepaid Card (414 points, 64 comments)
  12. 373 points, 2 submissions: chin-kimosabe
    1. 10 NEW BITCOIN ATMS just waiting for shipment and distribution!!!!! #BTCCANNOTBESTOPPED (371 points, 40 comments)
    2. How much btc can you get a month from mining with a raspberry pie? (2 points, 17 comments)
  13. 364 points, 1 submission: duderino88
    1. Buying land in northern Spain ? Bitcoin accepted..! (364 points, 48 comments)
  14. 360 points, 1 submission: flarktaco
    1. Bitcoin (360 points, 64 comments)
  15. 341 points, 1 submission: trueprogrammer
    1. Vanuatu has become the world’s first country to accept Bitcoin for its citizenship program (341 points, 35 comments)
  16. 336 points, 1 submission: pizzatoppings88
    1. When you buy some BTC and it goes up by 1% (336 points, 39 comments)
  17. 325 points, 2 submissions: windsok
    1. TIL bitcoin has 10.35BTC available in an advertising fund (323 points, 112 comments)
    2. George Gilder - "Life After Google" [Great talk from Blockstack Summit 2017] (2 points, 0 comments)
  18. 303 points, 1 submission: karmakami
    1. Spreading awareness every way we can (303 points, 15 comments)
  19. 276 points, 1 submission: BuddhaSpader
    1. Man....something just seems so familiar with this....if only I could figure out what it was.... (276 points, 17 comments)
  20. 254 points, 1 submission: rednazlearsi
    1. Sold my BCH, good riddance! (254 points, 259 comments)
  21. 250 points, 2 submissions: jollyralph
    1. It was my friend’s son’s first birthday so I decided to give him 0.01 BTC as a bit of fun. I printed a certificate with his keys and laminated it, hopefully he’ll hold till he’s 18 :) (240 points, 79 comments)
    2. MRW when I’m a new to Bitcoin and I’m sitting in the middle of yes / no to Segwit2x (10 points, 4 comments)
  22. 231 points, 1 submission: chrismadsen25
    1. Vitalik Buterin says Craig Wright is Not Satoshi. Asks Him to “Stop Being a Fraud” (231 points, 74 comments)
  23. 199 points, 1 submission: paberlance
    1. Someone just disabled my 2FA on Bitstamp and robbed my whole balance 1.842 BTC (199 points, 206 comments)
  24. 190 points, 1 submission: Liesaboutredditgold
    1. As someone who bought bitcoin at 4900 (190 points, 81 comments)
  25. 189 points, 2 submissions: Cryptorich13
    1. Well hello there (185 points, 30 comments)
    2. What is the best way to dump my B2X (4 points, 2 comments)
  26. 184 points, 2 submissions: limopc
    1. Introducing myself, hope I am welcome (183 points, 94 comments)
    2. Forking or Devloping (1 point, 6 comments)
  27. 182 points, 1 submission: cryptotmm
    1. Is Segwit2x the real banker takeover? (182 points, 33 comments)
  28. 182 points, 1 submission: k3t3r
    1. Peter Todd talking about the Segwit 2x hard fork. 2x is Fraud. (182 points, 64 comments)
  29. 177 points, 1 submission: ContentExtremist
    1. John McAfee says Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies "Frighten" Governments (177 points, 48 comments)
  30. 163 points, 2 submissions: CardCollector1
    1. I designed 6 Bitcoin Posters which I want to sell on my website accepting BTC- Looking for an honest feedback? (154 points, 95 comments)
    2. I designed 6 Bitcoin Posters which I want to sell on my website accepting cryptocurrency - Looking for an honest feedback (9 points, 7 comments)

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  5. twoface123 (192 points, 62 comments)
  6. logical (190 points, 22 comments)
  7. TheGreatMuffin (173 points, 22 comments)
  8. mr_li_jr (159 points, 13 comments)
  9. maxzillabong (143 points, 34 comments)
  10. Hark- (137 points, 35 comments)
  11. Midbell (136 points, 3 comments)
  12. Ser_NSFW (131 points, 10 comments)
  13. jmmbrito (131 points, 4 comments)
  14. rm-rfmcc (127 points, 31 comments)
  15. luke-jr (127 points, 24 comments)
  16. BakersDozen (126 points, 47 comments)
  17. thekiyote (126 points, 1 comment)
  18. Cryptolution (120 points, 21 comments)
  19. nullc (118 points, 8 comments)
  20. sujdeniaqb (117 points, 10 comments)
  21. whitslack (114 points, 14 comments)
  22. bluethunder1985 (113 points, 24 comments)
  23. ThomasVeil (107 points, 17 comments)
  24. mbrochh (106 points, 29 comments)
  25. d3pd (105 points, 12 comments)
  26. Dwaas_Bjaas (102 points, 21 comments)
  27. minus_one_sock (102 points, 6 comments)
  28. oh_here_we (100 points, 6 comments)
  29. lisa_lionheart (98 points, 26 comments)
  30. bitbat99 (98 points, 24 comments)

Top Submissions

  1. Bitcoin price surpasses $4,500 for the first time since September 8, 1 month ago. Incredible resilience. China had no impact in mid-term. by finalhedge (2663 points, 194 comments)
  2. Andreas has a very well organized group of playlists on his YT channel. Great resource to learn about Bitcoin. by readish (933 points, 91 comments)
  3. Train to 5k is departing, don't miss it! by abercrombezie (687 points, 134 comments)
  4. Welcoming back $4600 by lIIlllIIlIIllIlllIIl (559 points, 44 comments)
  5. Whats happening right now.... by op-return (528 points, 152 comments)
  6. Jeff Garzik 5/7/2017: "SegWit upgrades likely to take years" lol by chek2fire (498 points, 178 comments)
  7. Please stop. Until it's too late by osmium666 (472 points, 232 comments)
  8. Japan's Largest Bitcoin Exchange Bitflyer Launches Bitcoin Visa Prepaid Card by wealeer (414 points, 64 comments)
  9. 10 NEW BITCOIN ATMS just waiting for shipment and distribution!!!!! #BTCCANNOTBESTOPPED by chin-kimosabe (371 points, 40 comments)
  10. Buying land in northern Spain ? Bitcoin accepted..! by duderino88 (364 points, 48 comments)

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  1. 139 points: mr_li_jr's comment in Bitcoin price surpasses $4,500 for the first time since September 8, 1 month ago. Incredible resilience. China had no impact in mid-term.
  2. 128 points: jmmbrito's comment in Mastercard CEO says Non-Government Digital Currency is “Junk”
  3. 126 points: thekiyote's comment in Jeff Garzik 5/7/2017: "SegWit upgrades likely to take years" lol
  4. 119 points: Midbell's comment in NSFW - My Smokin' wife is a true believer. NO2X! To the Moon!
  5. 105 points: Ser_NSFW's comment in Please stop. Until it's too late
  6. 96 points: windsok's comment in TIL bitcoin has 10.35BTC available in an advertising fund
  7. 84 points: logical's comment in TIL bitcoin has 10.35BTC available in an advertising fund
  8. 83 points: Auwardamn's comment in Andreas has a very well organized group of playlists on his YT channel. Great resource to learn about Bitcoin.
  9. 82 points: ThomasVeil's comment in A former Goldman Sachs VP who founded a crypto hedge fund says betting on bitcoin is like betting on the internet in the 90s
  10. 82 points: minus_one_sock's comment in Bitcoin price surpasses $4,500 for the first time since September 8, 1 month ago. Incredible resilience. China had no impact in mid-term.
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===Highly Recommended Articles:
Superintelligence Risk Project Update II by Jeff Kaufman - Jeff's thoughts and the sources he found most useful. Project is wrapping up in a few day. Topics: Technical Distance to AI. Most plausible scenarios of Superintelligence risk. OpenPhil's notes on how progress was potentially stalled in Cryonics and Nanotech.
Superintelligence Risk Project Update by Jeff Kaufman - Links to the three most informative readings on AI risk. Details on the large number of people Jeff has talked to. Three fundamental points of view on AI-Safety. Three Fundamental points of disagreement. An update on the original questions Jeff was trying to answer.
Podcast The World Needs Ai Researchers Heres How To Become One by 80,000 Hours - "OpenAI’s latest plans and research progress. Concrete Papers in AI Safety, which outlines five specific ways machine learning algorithms can act in dangerous ways their designers don’t intend - something OpenAI has to work to avoid. How listeners can best go about pursuing a career in machine learning and AI development themselves."
Radical Book Club The Decentralized Left by davidzhines (Status 451) - The nature of leftwing organizing and what righties can learn from it. An exposition of multiple books on radical left organization building. Major themes are "doing the work" and "decentralized leadership".
Study Of The Week To Remediate Or Not To Remediate by Freddie deBoer - Should low math proficiency students take remedial algebra or credit bearing statistics. The City University of New York ran an actual randomized study to test this. The study had pretty good controls. For example students were randomly assigned to three groups, participating professors taught one section of each group.
Kenneth Arrow On The Welfare Economics Of Medical Care A Critical Assessment by Artir (Nintil) - "Kenneth Arrow wrote a paper in 1963, Uncertainty and the Welfare Economics of Medical Care. This paper tends to appear in debates regarding whether healthcare can be left to the market (like bread), or if it should feature heavy state involvement. Here I explain what the paper says, and to what extent it is true."
Becoming Stronger Together by b4yes (lesswrong) - "About a year ago, a secret rationalist group was founded. This is a report of what the group did during that year."
The Destruction Of American Cuisine by Small Truths - America used to have a tremendous number of regional cuisines, most are dead. They were killed by supermarkets and frozen food. This has been costly both in terms of culture and health (antibiotic resistance, crop monoculture risk)
Targeting Meritocracy by Scott Alexander - Education and merit are different. Programming is one of the last meritocracies, this lets disadvantaged people get into the field. If a job is high impact we want to hire on merit. The original, literal meaning of meritocracy is important.
Classified Thread 2 Best In Classified by Scott Alexander - Scott is promoting a project to accelerate the trend of rationalists living near each other. There are four houses available for rent near Ward Street in Berkeley. Ward street is currently the rationalist hub in the Bay. Commenters can advertise other projects and services.
Url Of Sandwich by Scott Alexander - Standard links post, somewhat longer than usual.
Opec Thread by Scott Alexander - Bi-weekly open thread. Update on Scott and Katja's travels. Salt Lake City Meetup highlight. Topher Brennan is running for Senate.
Can We Link Perception And Cognition by Scott Alexander - SSC survey optical illusions. "So there seems to be a picture where high rates of perceptual ambiguity are linked to being weirder and (sometimes, in a very weak statistical way) lower-functioning." Speculation about fundamental connections between perception and cognitive style. Ideas for further research.
Change Minds Or Drive Turnout by Scott Alexander - Extreme candidates lower turnout among their own party. Is base turnout really the only thing that matters? Lots of quotes from studies.
Learning From Past Experiences by mindlevelup - "This is about finding ways to quickly learn from past experiences to inform future actions. We briefly touch upon different learning models." Model-based and Model-Free reinforcement learning. Practical advice and examples.
How Long Has Civilization Been Going by Elo (BearLamp) - Human agricultural society is only 342-1000 generations old. "Or when you are 24 years old you have lived one day for every year humans have had written records." Human civilization is only a few hundred lifetimes old.
Choices Are Bad by Zvi Moshowitz - Choices reduce perceived value. Choices require time and energy. Making someone choose is imposing a real cost.
Erisology Of Self And Will: The Gulf by Everything Studies - "Part 4 will discuss some scientific disciplines with bearing on the self, and how their results are interpreted differently by the traditional paradigm vs. the scientific."
Philosophy Vs Duck Tests by Robin Hanson - Focusing on deep structure vs adding up weak cues. If it looks like an x... More discussion of whether most people will consider ems people and/or conscious.
Knowing How To Define by AellaGirl - "These are three ways in which a word can be ‘defined’ – the role it plays in the world around it (the up-definition), synonyms (lateral-definition), and the parts which construct the thing (down-definition)." Applications to morality and free-will.
Change Is Bad by Zvi Moshowitz - "Change space, like mind space, is deep and wide. Friendly change space isn’t quite to change space what friendly mind space is to mind space, but before you apply any filters of common sense, it’s remarkably close." A long list of conditions that mean change has lower expected value. Why we still need to make changes. Keep your eyes open.
Meditation Insights Suffering And Pleasure Are Intrinsically Bound Together by Kaj Sotala - The concrete goal of meditation is to train your peripheral awareness. Much suffering comes from false promises of pleasure. Procrastinating to play a videogame won't actually make you feel better. Temptation losses its power once you truly see the temptations for what they truly are.
Be My Neighbor by Katja Grace - Katja lives in a rationalist house on ward street in Berkeley and its great. The next step up is a rationalist neighborhood. Katja is promoting the same four houses as Scott. Be her neighbor?
What Value Subagents by G Gordan (Map and Territory) - Splitting the mind into subagents is a common rationalist model (links to Alicorn, Briene Yudkowsky, etc). However the author preferred model is a single process with inconsistent preferences. Freud. System 1 and System 2. The rider and the Elephant become one. Subagents as masks. Subagents as epicycles.
The Order Of The Soul by Ben Hoffman (Compass Rose) - The philosophy of accepting things vs the impulse to reshape them. Many philosophical and psychological models split the soul into three. Internalized authority vs seeing the deep structure of moral reality. In some sense math is the easiest thing in the world to learn. School poisons the enjoyment of rational thought. Lockhart's lament. Feynman. Eichmann and thinking structurally.
Aliens Merely Sleeping by Tyler Cowen - The universe is currently too hot for artificial life to be productive. Advanced civilizations might be freezing themselves until the universe cools. "They could achieve up to 1030 times more than if done today" [short]
Book Reviews by Torello (lesswrong) - Rationalist Adjacent. Each book has an interesting 'ideas per page' rating. Homo Deus, Sapiens, Super-intelligence, Surfaces and Essences, What Technology Wants, Inside Jokes, A Skeptic's Guide to the Mind.
Geometers Scribes Structure Intelligence by Ben Hoffman (Compass Rose) - "How does spatial reasoning lead to formal, logical reasoning?" Fluid and crystalized intelligence. Some history of Philosophy. How social dynamics lead to the evolution of reasoning. Talmudic and Western law, and their oddities. Universal Grammar and connecting with the divine. FizzBuzz.
High Dimensional Societies by Robin Hanson - In high dimensional space the distance between points varies less. What implications does this have for 'spatial' social science models (ex analogues of 1D spectrums and 2D graphs).
Feelings In The Map by Elo (BearLamp) - Confusion is not a property of the external world. The same holds for many emotions. Non-violent communication and speaking from your own perspective.
Lesswrong Is Not About Forum Software by enye-word (lesswrong) - The best way to increase activity on lesswrong is to get back the top posters, especially Scott and Eliezer.
Explication by mindlevelup - "This essay is about explication, the notion of making things specific. I give some examples involving Next Actions and systematization. This might also just be obvious to many people. Part of it is also a rehash of Act Into Uncertainty. Ultimately, explication is about changing yourself."
Concrete Instructions by Elo (BearLamp) - "The objective test of whether the description is concrete is whether the description can be followed by an anonymous person to produce the same experience." Some examples including the 'paper folding game'.
Human Seems Low Dimensional by Robin Hanson - 'Humanness' seems to be a one dimensional variable. Hence people are likely to consider ems conscious and worthy of decent treatment since ems are human-like on many important factors. Some discussion of a study where people rated how human-like various entities were.
Erisology Of Self And Will: A Natural Offering by Everything Studies - A description of naturalism and it relation to science. Daniel Dennet. Many philosophers are still dualists about the self. The self as a composite. Freedom as emergent.
The Hungry Brain by Bayesian Investor - A short review that focuses on the basics of Guynet's ideas and meta-discussion of why Guynet included so much neuroscience. "Guyenet provides fairly convincing evidence that it’s simple to achieve a healthy weight while feeling full. (E.g. the 20 potatoes a day diet)."
Boost From The Best by Robin Hanson - [Age of Em] How many standard deviations above the mean will be the best em be? How much better will they be than the second best em? How much of a wage/leisure premium will the best em receive.
Becoming Stronger Together by b4yes (lesswrong) - "About a year ago, a secret rationalist group was founded. This is a report of what the group did during that year."
In Praise Of Fake Frameworks by Valentine (lesswrong) - "I use a lot of fake frameworks — that is, ways of seeing the world that are probably or obviously wrong in some important way. I think this is an important skill. There are obvious pitfalls, but I think the advantages are more than worth it. In fact, I think the "pitfalls" can even sometimes be epistemically useful."
Letter To Future Layperson by Sailor Vulcan (BYS) - A letter from someone in our age to someone post singularity. Description of the hardships and terrors of pre-singularity life. Emotional and poetic. ~5K words.
Conversation With An Ai Researcher by Jeff Kaufman - The anonymous researcher thinks AI progress is almost entirely driven by hardware and data. Back propagation has existed for a long time. Go would have taken at least 10 more years if go-aI work had remained constrained by academic budgets.
Openai Baselines PPO by Open Ai - "We’re releasing a new class of reinforcement learning algorithms, Proximal Policy Optimization (PPO), which perform comparably or better than state-of-the-art approaches while being much simpler to implement and tune. PPO has become the default reinforcement learning algorithm at OpenAI because of its ease of use and good performance."
Superintelligence Risk Project Update II by Jeff Kaufman - Jeff's thoughts and the sources he found most useful. Project is wrapping up in a few day. Topics: Technical Distance to AI. Most plausible scenarios of Superintelligence risk. OpenPhil's notes on how progress was potentially stalled in Cryonics and Nanotech.
Real Debate Robots Education by Tyler Cowen - Robots are already becoming part of the classroom. K-12 is an artificially creation anyway. Robots can help autistic or disabled children. Children sometimes trust robots too much.
Robust Adversarial Inputs by Open Ai - "We’ve created images that reliably fool neural network classifiers when viewed from varied scales and perspectives. This challenges a claim from last week that self-driving cars would be hard to trick maliciously since they capture images from multiple scales, angles, perspectives, and the like."
What Is Overfitting Exactly by Andrew Gelman - "If your model is correct, “overfitting” is impossible. In its usual form, “overfitting” comes from using too weak of a prior distribution."
Conversation With Bryce Wiedenbeck by Jeff Kaufman - "AGI is possible, it could be a serious problem, but we can't productively work on it now." AGI will look very different from current technologies. Utility functions are a poor model of human behavior.
Examples Of Superintelligence Risk by Jeff Kaufman - A series of extended quotes describing ways AI with innocent seeming goals can destroy the world. Authors: Nick Bostrom, Eliezer (and collaborators), Luke M, 80K hours, Tim Urban. Jeff finds them unpersuasive and asks for better ones. Lots of interesting comments. Eleizer himself comments describing how 'paperclip maximizers' might realistically occur.
Superintelligence Risk Project Update by Jeff Kaufman - Links to the three most informative readings on AI risk. Details on the large number of people Jeff has talked to. Three fundamental points of view on AI-Safety. Three Fundamental points of disagreement. An update on the original questions Jeff was trying to answer.
Conversation With Michael Littman by Jeff Kaufman - CS Professor at Brown's opinions: Deep Learning is surprisingly brittle in his experience. General Intelligence will require large fundamental advances. The AI risk community isn't testing their ideas so they probably aren't making real progress.
EAGX Relaunch by Roxanne_Heston (EA forum) - The EA global satellite EAGA-X conferences have been low activity. Changes: More funding and flexibility. Standardized formats. Fewer groups approved. Stipends to primary organizers.
Uncertainty Smoothes Out Differences In Impact by The Foundational Research Institute - Many inside view evaluations conclude that one intervention is orders of magnitude more effective than another. Uncertainty significantly reduces these ratios.
Autonomy: A Search For A Measure Will Pearson (EA forum) - "I shall introduce a relatively formal measure of autonomy, based on the intuition that it is the ability to do things by yourself with what you have. The measure introduced allows you to move from less to more autonomy, without being black and white about it. Then I shall talk about how increasing autonomy fits in with the values of movements such as poverty reduction, ai risk reduction and the reduction of suffering."
Eight media articles on GiveDirectly, Cash Transers and Basic Income.- A world where 8 men own as much wealth as 3.6 billion people by GiveDirectly -
More Giving Vs Doing by Jeff Kaufman - EA is moving far more money than it used to and the ramp up will continue. This means direct work has become relatively more valuable. Nonetheless giving money is still useful, capacity isn't being filled. Jeff plans on earning to give based on his personal constraints.
Why I Think The Foundational Research Institute by Mike Johnson (EA forum) - A description of the FRI. Good things about FRI. FRI's research framework and why the author is worried. Eight long objections. TLDR: "functionalism ("consciousness is the sum-total of the functional properties of our brains") sounds a lot better than it actually turns out to be in practice. In particular, functionalism makes it impossible to define ethics & suffering in a way that can mediate disagreements."
Tranquilism by The Foundational Research Institute - A paper arguing that reducing suffering is more important than promoting happiness. Axiology. Non-consciousness. Common Objections. Conclusion.
An Argument For Why The Future May Be Good by Ben West (EA forum) - Factory farming shows that humans are deeply cruel. Technology enabled this cruelty, perhaps the future will be even darker. Counterargument: Humans are lazy, not evil. Humans as a group will spend at least small amounts altruistically. In the future the cost of reducing suffering will go down low enough that suffering will be rare or non-existent.
Arguments Moral Advocacy by The Foundational Research Institute - "What does moral advocacy look like in practice? Which values should we spread, and how? How effective is moral advocacy compared to other interventions such as directly influencing new technologies? What are the most important arguments for and against focusing on moral advocacy?"
An Argument For Broad And Inclusive by Kaj Sotala (EA forum) - "I argue for a very broad, inclusive EA, based on the premise that the culture of a region is more important than any specific group within that region... As a concrete strategy, I propose a division into low-level and high-level EA"
Not Everybody wants a Goat by GiveDirectly - Eight links on GiveDirectly, Cash Transfers, Effective Altruism and Basic Income.
Mid Year Update by The GiveWell Blog - Encouraging more charities to apply. More research of potential interventions. Short operations recap. GiveWell is focusing more on outreach.
===Politics and Economics:
College Tuition by Tom Bartleby - Sticker prices for college have gone up 15K in twenty years, but the average actual cost has only gone up 2.5K. High prices are almost compensated by high aid. Advantage: more equitable access to education. Disadvantages: Not everyone knows about the aid, financial aid is large enough it can seriously distort family financial decisions.
War Of Wages Part 1 Apples And Walmarts by Jacob Falkovich (Put A Number On It!) - The Author thinks minimum wage hurts the poor. Walmart can't afford higher wages. Copenhagan Interpretation of Ethics: Walmart helps the poor and gets blamed, Apple does nothing for the poor but avoids blame.
Links 10 by Artir (Nintil) - Tons of links. Economics, Psychology, AI, Philosophy, Misc.
Pretend Ask Answer by Ben Hoffman (Compass Rose) - A short dialogue about Patriarchy and the meaning of oppression. Defensive actions are often a response to bad faith from the other side. Its not ok to explicitly say you think your partner is arguing in bad faith.
Cultural Studies Ironically Is Something Of A Colonizer by Freddie deBoer - An origin story for Writing Studies. The fields initial methodological diversity. Cultural studies took over the field, empirical work has been pushed out. Evidence that some cultural studies professors really do believe its fundamentally bigoted to do science and empirical research endangers marginalized students. The field has become insular.
The Dark Arts Examples From The Harris Adams Debate by Stabilizer (lesswrong) - The author accuses Scott Adams of using various dark Arts: Changing the subject, Motte-and-bailey, Euphemisation, Diagnosis, Excusing, Cherry-picking evidence.
Study Of The Week Modest But Real Benefits From Lead Exposure Interventions by Freddie deBoer - Freddie reviews a survey he found via SSC. The study had very good controls. Methodology is explained and key graphs are posted and discussed. Scott and Freddie seem to agree on the facts but have a different opinion on how large to consider the effects.
Descriptive And Prescriptive Standards by Simon Penner (Status 451) - Leadership means winning the Keynesian Beauty Contest. Public opinion doesn't exist as a stable reality. Prescribing public opinion. Dangers of social reform and leaders twisting the facts to promote noble outcomes.
A Taylorism For All Seasons by Lou (sam[]zdat) - "Christopher Lasch – The Culture of Narcissism, part 1/X, current essay being more of an overview." A Masquerade where you must act out the mask you choose.
Mechanism Agnostic Low Plasticity Educational Realism by Freddie deBoer - Freddie's educational philosophy. People sort into persistent academic strata. Educational attainment is heavily determined by factors outside of school's control. The mechanism differences in academic ability is unknown. Social and political implications.
Kin Aesthetics Excommunicate Me From The Church Of Social Justice by Frances Lee - A SJ-insider's critical opinion of SJ. Fear of being impure. Original Sin. Reproducing colonial structures of power and domination within social justice. Everyday Feminism's belittling articles. More humility. Bringing humanity to everyone, even those who have been inhumane.
Study Of The Week To Remediate Or Not To Remediate by Freddie deBoer - Should low math proficiency students take remedial algebra or credit bearing statistics. The City University of New York ran an actual randomized study to test this. The study had pretty good controls. For example students were randomly assigned to three groups, participating professors taught one section of each group.
Should We Build Lots More Housing In San Francisco: Three Reasons People Disagree by Julia Galef - For each of the three reasons Julia describes multiple sub-reasons. More housing might not lower prices much. More housing won't help the poor. NIMBY objections might be legitimate.
Kenneth Arrow On The Welfare Economics Of Medical Care A Critical Assessment by Artir (Nintil) - "Kenneth Arrow wrote a paper in 1963, Uncertainty and the Welfare Economics of Medical Care. This paper tends to appear in debates regarding whether healthcare can be left to the market (like bread), or if it should feature heavy state involvement. Here I explain what the paper says, and to what extent it is true."
Thoughts On Doxxing by Ozy (Thing of Things) - CNN found the identity of the guy who made the video of Trump beating up CNN. They implied they would dox him if he continued being racist. Is doxxing him ok? What about doxxing someone who runs jailbait? Ozy discusses the practical effect of doxxing and unleashing hate mobs.
On The Seattle Minimum Wage Study Part 2 by Zvi Moshowitz - Several relevant links are included. Seattle's economic boom and worker composition changes are important factors. Zvi dives deep into the numbers and tries to resolve an apparent contradiction.
Radical Book Club The Decentralized Left by davidzhines (Status 451) - The nature of leftwing organizing and what righties can learn from it. An exposition of multiple books on radical left organization building. Major themes are "doing the work" and "decentralized leadership".
On The Seattle Minimum Wage Study Part 1 by Zvi Moshowitz - The claimed effect sizes are huge. Zvi's priors about the minimum wage. Detailed description of some of the paper's methods and how it handle potential issues. Discussion of the raw data. More to come in part 2.
Childcare II by Jeff Kaufman - A timeline of childcare for Jeff's two children. Methods: Staying at home, Daycare, Au pair, Nanny.
Easier Chess Problem by protokol2020 - How many pieces do you need to capture a black queen?
Book Review Mathematics For Computer Science by richard_reitz (lesswrong) - Why the text should be in the MIRI research guide. Intro. Prereqs. Detailed comparisons to similar texts. Complaints.
Information is Physical by Scott Aaronson - Is information is physical a contentful expression? Why 'physics is information' is tautological. A proposed definition. Double slit experiment. Observation in Quantum Mechanics. Information takes up a minimum amount of space. Entropy. Information has nowhere to go.
Book Review Working Effectively With Legacy Code By Michael C Feathers by Eli Bendersky - To improve code we must refactor, to refactor we have to test, making code testable may take heroic efforts. "The techniques described by the author are as terrible as the code they're up against."
The Ominouslier Roar Of The Bitcoin Wave by Artem and Venkat (ribbonfarm) - A video visualizing and audiolizing the bitcoin blockchain. A related dialogue.
From Monkey Neurons To The Meta Brain by Hal Morris (ribbonfarm) - Neurons that only fire in response to Jennifer Anniston. Mirror Neurons. Theory of Mind. The path from copying movement to human-level empathy. Infant development. Dreams as social simulator. Communicating with our models of other people. He rapidly accelerating and dangerous future. We need to keep our mind open to possibilities.
Newtonism Question by protokol2020 - Balancing Forces. Gravity problem.
Short Interview Writing by Tyler Cowen - Tyler Cowen's writing habits. Many concrete details such as when he writes and what program he uses. Some more general thoughts on writing such as Tyler's surprising answer to which are his favorite books on writing.
Unexpected by protokol2020 - Discussion of gaps between primes. "Say, that you have just sailed across some recordly wide composite lake and you are on a prime island again. What can you expect, how much wider will the next record lake be?"
Interacting With A Long Running Child Process In Python by Eli Bendersky - Using the subprocess module to run an http server. Solutions and analysis of common use cases. Lots of code.
4d Mate Problem by protokol2020 - How many queens do you need to get a checkmate in 4D chess.
The Destruction Of American Cuisine by Small Truths - America used to have a tremendous number of regional cuisines, most are dead. They were killed by supermarkets and frozen food. This has been costly both in terms of culture and health (antibiotic resistance, crop monoculture risk)
Sally Satel On Organ Donation by EconTalk - "The challenges of increasing the supply of donated organs for transplantation and ways that public policy might increase the supply." Tax Credits. The ethics of donor compensation.
Podcast The World Needs Ai Researchers Heres How To Become One by 80,000 Hours - "OpenAI’s latest plans and research progress. Concrete Papers in AI Safety, which outlines five specific ways machine learning algorithms can act in dangerous ways their designers don’t intend – something OpenAI has to work to avoid. How listeners can best go about pursuing a career in machine learning and AI development themselves."
88 Must We Accept A Nuclear North Korea by Waking Up with Sam Harris - "Mark Bowden and the problem of a nuclear-armed North Korea."
Triggered by Waking Up with Sam Harris - "Sam Harris and Scott Adams debate the character and competence of President Trump."
Conversation Atul Gawande by Tyler Cowen - The marginal value of health care, AI progress in medicine, fear of genetic engineering, whether the checklist method applies to marriage, FDA regulation, surgical regulation, Michael Crichton and Stevie Wonder, wearables, what makes him weep, Knausgaard and Ferrante, why surgeons leave sponges in patients.
Nneka Jones Tapia by The Ezra Klein Show - The first psychologist to run a prison. 30% of inmates have diagnosed mental health problems. Mental heath view of the penal system, balancing punishment and treatment, responsibility versus mental instability, the tension between what we use jail for and what we should use jail for.
Tamar Haspel by EconTalk - "Why technology helps make some foods inexpensive, how animals are treated, the health of the honey bee, and whether eggs from your backyard taste any better than eggs at the grocery."
From Cells To Cities by Waking Up with Sam Harris - "Biological and social systems scale, the significance of fractals, the prospects of radically extending human life, the concept of “emergence” in complex systems, the importance of cities, the necessity for continuous innovation"
Inside The World Of Supertraining: Mark Bell by Tim Feriss - "Mark’s most important lessons for building strength. How to avoid injury and breakdown. Lesser-known training techniques that nearly everyone overlooks. How Mark became a millionaire by offering his gym memberships for free."
Eddie Izzard by The Ezra Klein Show - 27 marathons in 27 days, process for writing jokes, why he wants to run for parliament, inspiration from Al Franken's, borrowing confidence from his future self. What he learned as a street performer, routines are based on history and anthropology, World War I, 'cake or death?'. His gender identity, and how he integrated it into his act early on, etc.
Martha Nussbaum by EconTalk - "The tension between acquiring power and living a life of virtue. Topics discussed include Hamilton's relationship with Aaron Burr, Burr's complicated historical legacy, and the role of the humanities in our lives."
Rs 188 Robert Kurzban On Being Strategically Wrong by Rationally Speaking - Why Everyone (Else) is a Hypocrite." The "modular mind" hypothesis, and how it explains hypocrisy, self-deception, and other seemingly irrational features of human nature.
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Block size: It's economics & user preparation & moral hazard | Jeff Garzik | Dec 16 2015

Jeff Garzik on Dec 16 2015:
Following the guiding WP principle of Assume Good Faith, I've been trying
to boil down the essence of the message following Scaling Bitcoin. There
are key bitcoin issues that remain outstanding and pressing, that are*
orthogonal to LN & SW*.
I create multiple proposals and try multiple angles because of a few,
notable systemic economic and analysis issues - multiple tries at solving
the same problems. Why do I do what I do -- Why not try to reboot... just
list those problems?
FE - "Fee Event", the condition where main chain MSG_BLOCK is 95+% to hard
limit for 7 or more days in row, "blocks generally full" This can also be
induced by a miner squeeze (collective soft limit reduction).
Service - a view of bitcoin as a decentralized, faceless, multi-celled,
amorphous automaton cloud, that provides services in exchange for payment
Users - total [current | future] set of economic actors that pay money to
the Service, and receive value (figuratively or literally) in return
Block Size - This is short hand for MAX_BLOCK_SIZE, the hard limit that
requires, today, a hard fork to increase (excl. extension blocks etc.)
Guiding Principle:
Keep the Service alive, secure, decentralized, and censorship resistant for
as many Users as possible.
Observations on block size (shorthand for MAX_BLOCK_SIZE as noted above):
This is economically modeled as a supply limited resource over time. On
average, 1M capacity is available every 10 minutes, with variance.
Observations on Users, block size and modern bidding process:
A supermajority of hashpower currently evaluates for block inclusion based,
first-pass, on tx-fee/KB. Good.
The Service is therefore responsive to the free market and some classes of
DoS. Good.
Recent mempool changes float relay fee, making the Service more responsive
to fast moving markets and DoS's. Good progress.
Service provided to Users can be modeled at the bandwidth resource level as
bidding for position in a virtual priority queue, where up-to-1M bursts are
cleared every 10 min (on avg etc.). Not a perfectly fixed supply,
definitionally, but constrained within a fixed range.
Observations on the state of today's fee market:
On average, blocks are not full. Economically, this means that fees trend
towards zero, due to theoretically unlimited supply at <1M levels.
Of course, fees are not zero. The network relay anti-flood limits serve as
an average lower limit for most transactions (excl direct-to-miner).
Wallet software also introduces fee variance in interesting ways. All this
fee activity is range-bound on the low end.
Let the current set of Users + transaction fee market behavior be TFM
(today's fee market).
Let the post-Fee-Event set of Users + transaction fee market behavior be
FFM (future fee market).
*Key observation: A Bitcoin Fee Event (see def. at top) is an Economic
Change Event.*
An Economic Change Event is a period of market chaos, where large changes
to prices and sets of economic actors occurs over a short time period.
A Fee Event is a notable Economic Change Event, where a realistic
projection forsees higher fee/KB on average, pricing some economic actors
(bitcoin projects and businesses) out of the system.
*It is a major change to how current Users experience and pay for the
Service*, state change from TFM to FFM.
The game theory bidding behavior is different for a mostly-empty resource
versus a usually-full resource. Prices are different. Profitable business
models are different. Users (the set of economic actors on the network)
are different.
Observation: Contentious hard fork is an Economic Change Event.
Similarly, a fork that partitions economic actors for an extended period or
permanently is also an Economic Change Event, shuffling prices and economic
actors as the Service dynamically readjusts on both sides of the partition,
and Users-A and Users-B populations change their behavior.
Short-Term Problem #1: No-action on block size increase leads to an
Economic Change Event.
Failure to increase block size is not obviously-conservative, it is a
conscious choice, electing for one economic state and set of actors and
prices over another. Choosing FFM over TFM.
It is rational to reason that maintaining TFM is more conservative than
enduring an Economic Change Event from TFM to FFM.
*It is rational to reason that maintaining similar prices and economic
actors is less disruptive.*
Failure to increase block size will lead to a Fee Event sooner rather than
Failure to plan ahead for a Fee Event will lead to greater market chaos and
User pain.
Short-Term Problem #2: Some Developers wish to accelerate the Fee Event,
and a veto can accomplish that.
In the current developer dynamics, 1-2 key developers can and very likely
would veto any block size increase.
Thus a veto (e.g. no-action) can lead to a Fee Event, which leads to
pricing actors out of the system.
A block size veto wields outsize economic power, because it can accelerate
*This is an extreme moral hazard: A few Bitcoin Core committers can veto
increase and thereby reshape bitcoin economics, price some businesses out
of the system. It is less of a moral hazard to keep the current economics
[by raising block size] and not exercise such power.*
Short-Term Problem #3: User communication and preparation
The current trajectory of no-block-size-increase can lead to short time
market chaos, actor chaos, businesses no longer viable.
In a $6.6B economy, it is criminal to let the Service undergo an ECE
without warning users loudly, months in advance: "Dear users, ECE has
accelerated potential due to developers preferring a transition from TFM to
As stated, *it is a conscious choice to change bitcoin economics and User
experience* if block size is not advanced with a healthy buffer above
actual average traffic levels.
Raising block size today, at TFM, produces a smaller fee market delta.
Further, wallet software User experience is very, very poor in a
hyper-competitive fee market. (This can and will be improved; that's just
the state of things today)
Short-Term Problem #4: UseDev disconnect: Large mass of users wishes
to push Fee Event into future
Almost all bitcoin businesses, exchanges and miners have stated they want a
block size increase. See the many media articles, BIP 101 letter, and wiki
The current apparent-veto on block size increase runs contra to the desires
of many Users. (note language: "many", not claiming "all")
*It is a valid and rational economic choice to subsidize the system with
lower fees in the beginning*. Many miners, for example, openly state they
prefer long term system growth over maximizing tiny amounts of current day
Vetoing a block size increase has the effect of eliminating that economic
choice as an option.
It is difficult to measure Users; projecting beyond "businesses and miners"
is near impossible.
Without exaggeration, I have never seen this much disconnect between user
wishes and dev outcomes in 20+ years of open source.
Short-Term Problem #5: Higher Service prices can negatively impact system
Bitcoin depends on a virtuous cycle of users boosting and maintaining
bitcoin's network effect, incentivizing miners, increasing security.
Higher prices that reduce bitcoin's user count and network effect can have
the opposite impact.
(Obviously this is a dynamic system, users and miners react to higher
prices... including actions that then reduce the price)
Short-Term Problem #6: Post-Fee-Event market reboot problem + general lack
of planning
Game it out: Blocks are now full (FFM). Block size kept at 1M.
How full is too full - who and what dictates when 1M should be increased?
The same question remains, yet now economic governance issues are
compounded: In FFM, the fees are very tightly bound to the upper bound of
the block size. In TFM, fees are much less sensitive to the upper bound of
block size.
Changing block size, when blocks are full, has a more dramatic effect on
the market - suddenly new supply is magically brought online, and a minor
Economic Change Event occurs.
More generally, the post-Fee-Event next step has not been agreed upon. Is
it flexcap? This key "step #2" is just barely at whiteboard stage.
Short-Term Problem #7: Fee Event timing is unpredictable.
As block size free space gets tighter - that is the trend - and block size
remains at 1M, Users are ever more likely to hit an Economic Change Event.
It could happen in the next 2-6 months.
Today, Users and wallets are not prepared.
It is also understandably a very touchy subject to say "your business or
use case might get priced out of bitcoin"
But it is even worse to let worse let Users run into a Fee Event without
informing the market that the block size will remain at 1M.
Markets function best with maximum knowledge - when they are informed well
in advance of market shifting news and events, giving economic actors time
to prepare.
Short-Term Problem #8: Very little testing, data, effort put into
blocks-mostly-full economics
We only know for certain that blocks-mostly-not-full works. We do not
know that changing to blocks-mostly-full works.
Changing to a new economic system includes boatloads of risk.
Very little data has been forthcoming from any party on what FFM might look
like, f...[message truncated here by reddit bot]...
original: http://lists.linuxfoundation.org/pipermail/bitcoin-dev/2015-Decembe011973.html
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Maxim - Uptown Funk (Mark Ronson & Bruno Mars Cover) Maxims Body Transformation  100 Tage Sport Challenge ... Bitcoin’s Creator Satoshi Nakamoto Wealthiest Than Jeff ... Radical Democrats demonize Border Patrol and ICE - YouTube 3 combats en 1 (YFC9) RAMZAN,MAXIME,RODOLF... - YouTube

Kanye West, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos And Multiple Major Twitter Accounts Hacked In Bitcoin Scam. By Steve Huff. Jul 16, 2020. News . Brands and Celebrities Funding Anti-Racism Efforts. By Maxim Staff ... On July 15th Twitter accounts belonging to celebrities ranging from hip hop superstars like Kanye West to tech moguls Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos were hacked in Jeffrey Maxim is a marketer and writer studying the emerging intersection of mobile, marketing, retail and fintech. Currently living in Uruguay, Jeffrey enjoys soaking up the country’s rich culture and listening to jazz and ska in his free time. He is also a hobbyist coder learning the basics of web development. Follow him on Twitter @jeff_maxim. View Jeffrey Maxim’s professional profile on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is the world's largest business network, helping professionals like Jeffrey Maxim discover inside connections to recommended job ... Bitreserve, a startup trying to build a new financial system based upon bitcoin, now allows users to peg their bitcoins to the value of 16 sixteen fiat currencies, and four precious metals.

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Maxim - Uptown Funk (Mark Ronson & Bruno Mars Cover)

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