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Date: 2015-01-05
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1) Do you think that is good that anyone can know anything from anywhere at the world? Also, do you feel secure? As normal citizens living our normal lives, should we feel secure? 1) I do think this, but with certain constraints. Freedom of information is important, but personally identifying information is dangerous to have floating around. I feel relatively secure, but that's just me and it's within my own accepted parameters for security (right now, I'm not that concerned with privacy, for example, because I'm on probation anyway). Normal citizens should feel relatively secure. Use strong passwords and 2-factor authentication when available and you'll be safe from 99% of hackers. We really aren't that interested in you as an individual person.
2) Do have any word about the recent DDoS attacks on PSN and Live? Seems to be pretty simple to do, so why anyone can't stop it? (Ps: i know that DDoS isn't hacking and its far from that lol) 2) Like you say, It's easy to do. The only hard part is setting up a network capable of such a powerful attack. These guys probably weren't just hiring random kids on and were probably running their own botnet (or hiring a powerful one). You can stop most DDoS (google CloudFlare), but it's kind of like bulletproof armor: The tiny bullets will be stopped, but a tank shell won't be phased.
3) How is hacking, visually? Is it something near to CMD looking? Could you post an example? Haha. 3) It can be, yes. This is a picture of a common attack against home WiFi protection Link to
4) Since you talked about the black market: What is it, from the inside perspective? Have you seen some heavy shit like everyone talks? 4) Yes, there's some very heavy shit. Snuff (mostly free, though, contrary to common opinion), child porn, semtex explosives, drugs, etc. Absolutely anything you want is there. They people that tell you it's not haven't dug deep enough yet. I worked for someone selling stinger missiles once.
5) (Slightly offtopic) What do you think the World Wide Web will become in the future? Will it evolve from what is now? And how? 5) Definitely. The future will revolve around a WWW that is integrated more closely into our lives. Firstly mobile (we're seeing that now with our phones), and then through augmented reality and implanted devices. The internet is still a very young technology and it is incredibly exciting to think about what is to come.
What were some of the craziest jobs you had to to do? Quoting an earlier post of mine in response to a similar question: "I met a duke (with proof of such) who funded my operation; worked with the Russian mob (a more recent branch of the infamous RBN); and dealt with more than one arms dealer online in the past. I was a hacker, but I was also just an internet criminal doing middle man style shit, so not everyone I met was related to the hacking community. When I was very young I tried to set up a deal between some arms dealer and a Russian who offered to store the weapons. The deal didin't end up working (surprise, surprise) and I ended up having to explain why someone was watching our house to my parents for a week. I was a minor at the time so this was some incredible feat on their part and was obviously just meant to really scare me. It worked. Completely."
I've met incredibly sick and odd people. Let me just say that for anyone who disputes the existence of things like online arms dealers and snuff films, they are real. I was involved with stuff that went beyond hacking a lot of the time...hacking was more or less the gateway drug to the empire of organized cybercrime (god, I hate the word "cyber" lol).
As far as odd jobs go, I was hired to hack a porn site once and set up a drive by download that would install malware on visitors' computers. It wasn't that unusual a request, but the individual scenario was humorous in an immature way :P.
How do most hackers get caught? Does the gov't have uber-hackers of their own tracking you like in the movies, or do you get caught in some mundane fashion? What do you guys do to stay safe? The government seems to have such hackers according to recent reports (post 9/11), but most of us get caught in rather mundane ways. I wasn't even caught by the government at all, but rather a private security firm (RSA).
You mentioned you worked as a middle man. What does that mean exactly? Like how did you help that guy sell stingers? And what sort of jobs did the Russian mob have you do? What proportion of your jobs actually required hacking skills? Being a middle man in this sense really just means I orchestrated deals between parties that otherwise wouldn't have met--I had a fat address book to use a '90s metaphor. I helped stinger guy in the sense that I knew someone who was able to store the missiles and so I set up a deal between the two of them while taking a cut of profits. (Needless to say, it didn't work out in that case...) The Russians didn't really have me do jobs per se since I didn't work for them so much as with them. My primary environment has been Russian forums and groups and I was quite well known within those circles. The Russians, though, tend to be stereotypically, well, Russian even online: They're primary goal right now seems to be to hack their way into a monopoly in the carding world. It's amusing, but these guys do have some real power there which is a bit frightening. I'd say about 60% of my jobs required some hacking skills.
What are your thoughts regarding "social hacktivism" by folks such as those in Anonymous? It seems like there is some good done, but then also some harm. I'm usually all for hacktivism. I was active with Anonymous for a while, but that's not saying a lot since it's so decentralized. I've matured in my politics since my teenage years, but I've always leaned toward a more anarchist bent. In this day and age, hacktivism has its place. Stuff like this recent Sony hack though...that cross a line. If you want to deface a site, fine. Any IT admin worth his salt will fix that in ten minutes and your point will have been made. But threatening employees and families and wreaking havoc on the entire business? Not ok stuff, there.
Also, thoughts on the use of computer attacks (drone hacks, critical infrastructure hacking) in future warfare? And I'm thinking Die Hard 4 here... I think future warfare is scary shit, frankly. There will come a time in the very near future when we will be able to kill people with computers alone. As far as we know, this warning didn't come true, but the message is clear and only time will tell: Link to
Huh! interesting perspective and article. I was all for the internet of things and for driver-less cars, etc. I am usually thrilled by the possibilities. However, it looks like hackers will be able to do some very scary stuff once IoE is more widespread. I concur, but I also am always for the advancement of technology. I love it and the internet of things and such is a bandwagon I've embrace completely! Check this out if you're worried about security: Link to
Coming from a hacker, Bitdefender makes some of the best security software around, so it's worth its price in my opinion.
What do you think of the whole NSA deal? Did you already suspected it and took precautions? I did as did most of my ilk. We worked from very secure and radical systems that were often custom built. Our computers were custom sealed with thermite explosives that could be remotely detonated (thermite doesn't explode per se in these small quantities, but eats through and melts the computer components). We also rarely had operating systems installed and would work off of "live disks" such as Tails OS (or a live version of Kali for the real hacking side of things). This meant we could just remove a thumb drive and leave no trace on the computer.
Now days, stuff has quieted down for me since I've gone "legit," but I still take certain precautions: I use a Mac right now and File Vault is 100% on right now, for example haha.
You see things like Kali linux, are they actually worth the time using? Would it just be better to write your own programs instead of using somebody else'? I saw you mentioned learning low level languages, but should one start learning them? A lot of the "old guard" of hackers will say that hacking tools aren't worth it, but I disagree. If a sufficiently advanced tool has been written already, why bother to make another? Just don't rely on them for everything you need. So yes, I think Kali (previously, BackTrack) is incredibly useful.
Security is kind of my thing, I can work my way through locks and I am passionate about martial arts. I also still think that low-level languages like ASM are still useful and worth learning. Computers continue to get more advanced, but right now they're built like a cake: Every year we get a new layer but nothing at the bottom changes. Quantum computing will change this, but for now, low level stuff is still perfectly good to know. When I'm not writing my own tools and shopping for others the first thing I always ask is what language was it written in? If it was written in an assembly language, then it's a surefire buy.
I learnt ASM before C, still haven't learnt C++ yet. Although most of my coding is Python. Ah, then you're taking the route I did! haha, shouldn't be too hard to migrate into C++ for you then. I did everything backwards and ended up just fine.
1) What do you think the future of bitcoin will be? Bitcoin has set a standard. There hare literally hundreds of cryptocurrencies out there right now (many of which are far more secure than BTC). BTC is still too volatile to decide if it has a long lasting future or not, but I'm optimistic. If anything, its brethren will live on.
2) Is most or a lot of cybercrime transacted with bitcoin? Yes, most cybercrime these days is transacted using BTC or some other cryptocurrency (LTC, darkcoin, and shadowcoin are popular alternatives). Back when I was really active we did everything through Western Union, Liberty Reserve, or Webmoney and we all know what has happened to these currencies (although Russians still like their Webmoney for some incredibly stupid reason)...BTC and its ilk has made crime so much easier :)
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